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The Boy's !



Did you ever wonder what was down in 
those springs & sinkholes ?
Click on the pic to go to my Cave Diving Page. You'll find local dive site descriptions, dive reports, maps and diving links.


drums.jpg - Link to my Drum Page

Yes, I'm still playing !
Click on the drum set to go to my Drum Page,
you'll find pics, sound bytes & links

The saw will take you to 
my woodworking page


Click on my scrapbook, for a few
pics of my adventures over the years
Image of Ruined Building
Click on the ruins to read about my 
adventures in home remodeling


If You Enjoy Surrealist Artwork ,
Here Are a Few Dali  Pictures & Links

GHS Bucs Logo
Gulf High School Class of '79 Reunion Pages
I cache under the name "Swampmuck"
Here are my stats

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