My Scrapbook

My first sky dive, a tandem jump from 13,000' through the middle of a huge black cloud, nice & wet. Did a "gainer" out of the back of the plane and linked up with some other people on the way down, what a rush !.

Kayaking up the backwaters of the Withlacoochee River with some tanks in tow,  we found virgin cave passage in one of the springs. Note the heavy downpour.

Standing atop the Schilthorn in Switzerland. I love mountains, probably because I rarely get to play on them.

This is definitely getting harder as I get older.

Not many of my underwater pictures are fit for viewing, due to my cheezy camera and poor light source. I had to dig to find this picture of me cave diving in Madison Blue.

Taking advantage of a sunny day on the lake in Killarny, Ireland

My view of Salzburg, Austria

Taking a picture of the submerged passage that cave diver Martin Farr originally used to enter Crag cave in Kerry, Ireland.