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I've been playing the drums since I was 12, and probably won't stop until I'm dead. Almost all forms of music have a place in my life but I really enjoy jazz and funky tunes with a strong bass line. I draw the line at "country music" and some of the shit that's being passed off as "smooth jazz" . I'm rarely depressed and don't own a dog, so I can't really relate to the country stuff, and as for the "smooth jazz" , KennyG started the downward spiral and every weenie with a drum machine took free rein to warm over existing hits and call them "smooth". I've never seen anything suck the life out of a party mood faster than some guy blowing a lame rendition of "Over the Rainbow". Thank God, the newer "Smooth" artists are writing their own material, turning off the drum machines and putting a funk beat with a strong bass line back in play.

Here's Some Sound Bytes Of Me Playing With Various Bands
With "Rhapsody" - 80's Dance tune covers recorded live at the Laughing Kookaburra Lounge in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando. Mike Emanuel; Drums, Allon Sams; Keys & Trumpet, Michael Shomers; Vocals, Bass Guitar & Synth Bass, Dennis Bailey; sax & flute, Brian; Guitars, Duke & LynnDee Hall; Vocals, Richard Radloff; sound & lights
Love Of A Lifetime.mp3

With "InnerVision" - Jazz, Funk, R&B. Live recording of a Jeff Beck tune from a bar in an old cigar factory called Rough Riders in Ybor City, FL. Mike Emanuel; drums, Allon Sams; keys, Bob Magan; guitar, and Carl Mosby; bass.
Jeff Beck - Come Dancing.mp3

With "Third Degree" - Original Rock & Roll and Covers recorded live at various locations. Mike Emanuel; drums, Rich Cress; guitar, Art(Red Dog)Titus; bass, Jim Vinci; vocals, Randy Degani;sound, Rob Filliman;lights
ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses.mp3 Recorded at the Golden Nugget, Holiday, FL
White Lion - All You Need is Rock & Roll.mp3 Recorded at the Golden Nugget, Holiday, FL
Kiss - Dr Love.mp3 Recorded at the Golden Nugget, Holiday, FL
Dancin with Kitty .mp3 Original
Deceiver.mp3 Original

With "The Parea" - Traditional Greek music, these covers were recorded during a practice session. I'm not Greek, but I played with these guy's for about three years and had a whole lot of fun. Most of the music is in 2/4, 7/8 or 9/8 and very rewarding to play because everybody dances. Mike Emanuel; Drums, Emmanuel Gonatos; bouzouki, Sam Toni; bouzouki, Emmanuel Koutsourais; acoustic guitar, George Boulahanis; bass, George Tsongranis; Vocals

With "Lane Change" - Jazz, Funk, R&B, recorded live at Pier 60 Clearwater beach. Mike Emanuel; Drums, Dan Ohara; Keys, Watts Shimmura; Bass, Steve Semmel; Sax
Sissy Strut

*No bitching about the sound quality on any of these, I was the guy playing drums not the guy running sound*

Every musician that I have ever watched, or listened to, has influenced me in some way, but here are some famous drummers who actually inspired me to play.

Karen Carpenter - It takes a real man to fess up to that one, but its true, my first conscious effort to keep the beat involved playing with chopsticks on the bottom of a Maxwell House can to an old  Carpenters song called "Druscilla Penny".
Peter Criss - Though I had just begun to play my  first real drumkit, I found that I could play along with KISS and accurately duplicate the drum parts, it gave me the encouragement to try harder things.
Carl Palmer - Back in the day, ELP was the band, lots of drums - I stole as many licks as I could.
Buddy Rich - Once I saw "the master" play in person, I knew I would have to practice more (a lot more).
Dennis Bradford - Well, he's not that famous, but he played his ass off on the early Jeff Lorber albums ( so did Kenny G, before he said shalom and became the epitome of "smooth jazz") Of all the music I've listened to in my life, Jeff Lorber tunes seem to always have the sound I LIKE, therefore, I play them a lot.
Neal Peart - If you grew up in the late 70's, didn't listen to RUSH and steal a lick or two from Neal, there's a strong possibility that your drumming sucks.
Terry Bozzio - My idol during the early electronic drum  "techno" phase, I still enjoy playing some Missing Persons stuff now and then. I sold the Simmons kit though.
SimonvPhillips - He's incredible. Even though my playing has gotten much better over the years, I get winded trying to keep up with the little bugger.
Dave Weckl - Love the music minus one stuff as well as his work with Chick Corea's Electrik Band ( I hope he didn't get sucked into all that Scientology stuff  though).

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