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Thank you for visiting my Web Site. Feel free to comment or share some of your dive reports, woodworking questions or whatever!
Marty McLaughlin Holiday, FL USA02/10/20 12:36:49 MST 
I would love to pick your brain, your website has already answered a lot of questions I had, but not all. ty


William Kitelynn Maryville, Tennessee United States02/08/20 11:48:15 MST 
Hey Meman :-) not sure if this is you or not.


Jacob Kuhn New Port Richey, FL USA02/04/19 20:15:53 MST 
Great website! Currently working up the food chain in diving knowledge and skill (not just a plastic card) and once I am certified and 100% ready I am certainly going to use some of this information and maybe one day contribute some of my own! Thanks Mr. E for the knowledge and inspiration. God truly made a beautiful world.


JM holiday, fl USA09/03/18 23:53:14 MST 
Amazing job.


pia Peeker, IL USA06/10/18 23:53:29 MST 
hi there


Mitchell St. Pete, Fl USA05/18/18 12:13:00 MST 
You have a lot of good info on the springs on here. Thank you.


Mia Land O Lakes, FL USA04/29/18 07:55:59 MST 
Cool page! Im looking for some underwater caves in tampa!


Gaston Careau Beloeil, QC Canada03/25/18 08:31:26 MST 
I used to rent Eleanor Moore house in winter,and enjoyed the scenery, specialy the lake. Good souvenirs and say hello to Eleanor for me.


Ann B Carleton Mobile, AL United States12/28/17 21:52:38 MST 
I wrote to you years ago. I have some articles about people who drowned in the Blue Sink hole in Pinellas County near Palm Harbor FL. I have newspaper articles listing 6 men. Do you know their names? I have 4 of them. One was my father. Ann


septi pratiwi indonesia, ID USA03/02/16 19:46:25 MST 
hello Septi pratiwi introduce my name I come from indonesia and I am a student. please visit my website http://sttgarut.ac.id/


Doug Holley Gainesville, Fl USA11/02/15 18:21:02 MST 
I found the Eaglenestsink yesterday. Your website is wonderful. Thank you.


Brenda Myers Coto De Caza, CA USA09/02/15 09:27:58 MST 
Thank you for all the photos & information you have provided.


Paul Beil Inverness, fl USA07/14/15 06:54:33 MST 
Very nice and informative site thank you.


John Schneider Cocoa, Fl USA07/10/15 16:52:32 MST 
Was cave diver in '67-'69 Knew Tom Mount, Ike Ikihara, Bob Markz, My last dive was Little River '69. Me and Geno Nightengale recovered 2 diver bodies. No more


John Schneider Cocoa, Fl USA07/10/15 16:29:29 MST 
Was cave diver in '67-'69 Knew Tom Mount, Ike Ikihara, Bob Markz,


Theresa Orsatti NEW PORT RICHEY, FL USA05/31/15 07:32:32 MST 
Great job! Enjoyed reading


Donna L C Sarasota, FL USA04/21/15 08:35:45 MST 
Loved the Caves we visited this past weekend. I plan to go again when I have more time and more equipment to explore further. Being from upstate NY where we have the Secret Caves and Howe Caverns it made me feel like I was in my own back yard.


Robert V. Hylton Deltona, Fla USA04/09/15 20:16:16 MST 
Hello I'm the first cousin to Larry & Randall Hylton.I
Have info about their deaths. I need your help to correct how Randy died. Also Larry. Contact me please by phn 386
215 2490 I also can tell you some great info on Randy


TS Tampa, FL USA12/23/14 08:20:04 MST 
Hey Mike,
Great site you got, with lots of detailed descriptions of sites I've never heard of. Keep up the great work and safe diving!


George USA11/25/14 09:32:48 MST 
Hi, Mike. Your extremely interesting website was given to me by Elaine (maiden name: Hudson) - a former Gulf High classmate of yours. Have to say, I'm impressed with both your attention to detail and your highly descriptive journalistic style. From the looks of it, we may have a few interests in common. Please email me for details. We should talk. Thanks and have a great day.


Paul Smith Oldsmar, fl USA05/21/14 10:55:24 MST 
Great site! Im not a cave diver or even an open water. At best I snorkle LOL. I have no interest in actually diving in any caves but they do fascinate me. (the closest I would ever get would be piloting an ROV through one of these.) Please keep up the great work you are going to better understand what lies beneath our feet here in the Tampa Bay Area.


Vickie Petteway Honolulu, Hi USA12/27/13 00:16:36 MST 
Aloha Mike;

Thanks for your site. I am a certified diver and wanted to experience some of the cave dives of Florida before I left to come to Hawaii but unfortunately, did not. I will experience some of the caves of Hawaii; the oceans can be fatal w/o the proper guide, still looking...


Marc Amarillo, TX USA12/26/13 22:25:42 MST 
Love your website. I'm a Certified Advanced OW diver. Being 58, I have no desire to do anything regarding cave diving, although it fascinates me. Probably back in the day I would have loved to have learned about it, become certified and done some cave diving.
More power to those whose passion is cave diving...my hat's off to you.


Marc Amarillo, TX USA12/26/13 22:24:40 MST 
Love your website. I'm a Certified Advanded OW diver. Being 58, I have no desire to do anything regarding cave diving, although it fascinates me. Probably back in the day I would have loved to have learned about it, become certified and done some cave diving.
More power to those whose passion is cave diving...my hat's off to you.


David & Julie new port richey, fl USA12/10/13 08:12:49 MST 
Have done some cave diving in my day.


Tim Oliver Atlanta, Ga. USA10/10/13 09:44:19 MST 
Mike, I've had a blast looking at your website ! I was an avid scuba diver in the 80's and 90's and loved spring diving. I thought I'd heard about most of them but obviously I had not. Thanks again ! Tim


Josh Smith land o' lakes, Fl USA10/07/13 11:45:47 MST 
Great page, I have absolutely no diving experience whatsoever but get greatly captured with interest in these cave systems less than an a hour away from me. I sat stuck on your page last night just looking at every spring an sink you have logged. I've swam Weeki Wachee for twenty some years now an surrounding areas an was clueless to all these awesome systems. The Buford an diepods are extremely interesting an fill my head with a crazy curiousity I'll never get to experience like you an fellow divers do. Be safe an thank you for the great photos,videos, an reports.



Donna Towsey Asheville, NC USA06/20/13 08:24:22 MST 
Fascinating dive page.


Glenn Smith Lakeland, Fl USA01/27/13 13:12:19 MST 
Mike's buying pizza for EVERYBODY!


billy hubbard nuai# 52806 cape coral, fl USA01/11/13 09:50:25 MST 
thank you for the great dive page.


Jude Chauvin New Orleans, La USA11/29/12 19:56:48 MST 
Great site. Hope to visit a few of these.


Barbara Dwyer San Francisco, ca USA11/09/12 03:22:01 MST 
Wonderful web site, not only the maps and descriptions of FL caves, but I like the newspaper stories that round out the history. I've bookmarked the site and will return. Thanks, Mike Emmanuel.


thane holiday, fl USA10/30/12 16:26:25 MST 
nice site swam in some of the sinks on here grew up in plam harbor swam in blue sink many times in 70s early 80s thanks for all the info


jogrji USA10/29/12 21:07:27 MST 


Lanora Ruiz Saint Petersburg, FL USA09/05/12 00:31:57 MST 
Found your website in the acknowledgements in the book Black Out by Lisa Unger. Since I now reside in Florida I thought I would look up your site. I love the information and pictures on sink holes! Thank You for posting everything :)


Al Koralewski Crystal River, FL USA09/04/12 06:34:13 MST 
Thanks for the info on your website for Dames Cave. We visited the caves around Vandal and then went to Peace Cave. I've lived in the area for over 25 yrs, but only recently visited the caves. Looking forward to locating additional caves.


twyla muir st catharines, Ontario Canada09/01/12 18:33:08 MST 
amazing dive footage, you are really brave to venture into those caves,sinks,springs...happy diving got your info from Lisa Ungers book Black Out


Frank Giambalvo Dunedin, FL USA07/01/12 08:51:47 MST 
I'm a non-diver, but I found your Lake Tarpon "stuff" extremely interesting. As a 30+ year Pinellas resident who had fished Lake Tarpon a lot with my boys, I have always been fascinated with the connection between Lake Tarpon and the Gulf of Mexico.


joe huggins hudson, fl USA06/25/12 12:39:18 MST 
awsome website i had no idea this area has so much to offer the curious spirit


Jerry Lawson seffner, fl USA04/17/12 08:26:51 MST 
great site - reminds me that I need to bite the bullet and get certs up to speed so I can explore as many of these that are still available..

thanx for the time and effort of putting this together



william cass flat rock , nc USA03/19/12 19:26:45 MST 
great web sight nice to hear how people appreciate the cave ole willy and I found.


Jeremy Barronton Atlanta, GA USA02/10/12 04:49:38 MST 
You have a lot of good beta. Brings back great memories. I dove many of the caves you have maps for back in the 90's. I remember when Curt Bowen was doing his first "deep" dives on the Mexican Pride before he went on to survey AJ hole and Green Banana. If you don't have the good quality survey of the Nest I'd be happy to share it with you.


Stephen S Hudson, Florida USA01/25/12 18:39:41 MST 
I stumbled across your website when i was trying to find out some information on sunwest mines, and ive got to say i did not realize all the underwater caves that are surrounding my house. this website is great and now i am thinking about getting certified for scuba diving. Ive always loved to explore things since i was a kid, and id really like to see old cars and stuff at the bottom of some of these caves. Great job on the site. Ive learned alot!


Helen Lorensen Brisbane, Queensland Australia12/30/11 19:00:02 MST 
Hi Mike what an interesting site, very informative and great photos! I Just read Lisa Unger's Black Out and saw the link. I will happily stick to my open water diving in the lovely warm waters around Australia and S.E.Asia but am super impressed with yours and other sink divers bravery, some of those openings don't look overly inviting!!! Good luck with getting back into the Blue Sink, that Tara sounds like a scary piece of work!


Jerry S. Lawson Seffner, FL USA10/20/11 17:13:54 MST 
excellent site, very informative and down to earth. Thanks for taking the time and effort to pass this info on to others.


dave gonzalez cape coral, fl USA10/14/11 07:41:28 MST 
good job nice information


william (bill) schmidt pinellas park, fl USA09/24/11 08:01:15 MST 
cool site thanx


pete babones Baltimore, md USA09/18/11 15:54:48 MST 
Coming down in a few weeks to get my apprentice certification with Bill "bird" Oestrich. just whetting my appetite, checking out your site. Will be down again by the end of this year to get my full cert. then down again and again to keep moving forward with it all. Thanks! Pete.


pete babones Baltimore, md USA09/18/11 15:54:07 MST 
Coming down in a few weeks to get my apprentice certification with Bill "bird" Oestrich. just whetting my appetite, checking out your site. Will be down again by the end of this year to get my full cert. then down again and again to keep moving forward with it all. Thanks! Pete.


Emery Molnar Pensacola, Fl USA09/17/11 12:06:43 MST 
Just wondering if anyone knows what the status of Morrison Spring is?? I see that it was last dived in Feb of this year. I heard that State of Florida bought this spring site, and haven't heard anything about the spring since... It would be great to find out what is going on with this great Gin clear spring that I used to dive back in the 80's!


Lynn Kopala Tarpon Springs, FL USA08/25/11 13:23:30 MST 
Love your site. Thanks for all the info and your services to the diving and exploring communities by making this information so beautifully informative.Don't dive but hope to learn someday.


Bob USA07/24/11 06:22:51 MST 
I heard about your website while reading Lisa Unger's novel, BLACK OUT. I'm glad I checked it out. Great pics!


Heather Springhill, fl USA07/13/11 21:09:23 MST 
Awesome site. Have dove a few of these, look forward to diving more. You have done a great job describing these sites. Thank you for your time and Passion.


eddie coldspring, tx USA06/26/11 14:12:13 MST 
I never realized how many sink holes were in florida.


Jason B st pete, fl USA06/01/11 14:52:46 MST 
Love the page Mike. My partner and I have used it quite a few times to find new locations, and yet again we are on and going to try Isabelle tomorrow 6/2/11 if we have any feedback we will post it. We normally dive the cave country dives, peacock, little river, orange and cow. We are a couple of Paul Hienerth's trained kids. Love the sight though very helpful keep it up, happy diving!!


Patrick Hamburg, AU AU05/19/11 04:53:42 MST 

nice site my friend

like it


Larry Ward LeMars, Iowa USA04/23/11 09:19:42 MST 
Moving to Brandon or Lakeland area soon and looking for places to dive. I am an advanced open water diver/Surface Rescue Diver/Under-Ice Rescue Diver. I have previously been on the Plymouth County Dive Team and have logged over 260 dives. I have had limited cave diving experience(BonneTerre Mines in St Louis) and will most definitely persue this sport. I have also dove the Vanden Burge in Key West and would like to dive other wrecks.


Cheap Essays Chicago, IL USA04/19/11 06:16:24 MST 
This is really great website. Keep up the good work.


Cathy Yearwood Newcastle, USA04/03/11 10:14:11 MST 
Hi Mike, you must be the same Mike that was friends with Dootson's and Linda Maggiacomo Ryan? Can't imagine there are two of you in Tampa. Just finished Black Out by Lisa Unger and found your website and info in her author's notes. Great website!


Elizabeth Moore Marathon, Fl USA03/25/11 11:04:38 MST 
I loved the views of the sinks and I had not seen the Vandal's Cave in over 20 years when I explored it.


Nice site. dive mainly in Buford, Egales Nest and Little river. I am not cave certifed yet. (key word yet) so I am allways looking for unregulated caves. Any sugestions are welcom.


buhlz port richey, USA01/27/11 15:59:39 MST 
Mikey!!!Long time nio talk to!!!! Wanted to let you know that you can talk w/ me on facebook if you have it or the time. and also, me myself and others (paul) are gonna try to do something w some local springs in the area as far as access.. So KIT!!


Carl Bass Lakeland, FL USA12/13/10 06:27:24 MST 
mike thanks so much for all the time you took to put this site together, I find it very helpful


Dave Carlson Coquitlam, BC Canada12/03/10 21:31:57 MST 
Just read Black Out by Lisa Unger. In her author's notes she acknowledges your help in answering questions about Florida's underwater caves. Very interesting photos and descriptions


Jeff Inverness, fl USA10/22/10 08:17:53 MST 
Hey mike, just checking in. I have seven full pages of dry cave located now. Are you ready to expand the dry caves section on your website?


MeShell Tampa, FL USA09/15/10 14:55:39 MST 
Nice to see the Dames caves in the Withlachoochee State reserve are still there! Wow it has been years since I have been there. God Bless!


MIke E USA09/08/10 22:06:45 MST 
Ann, I responded to your email on 8/15 and again today. Check your spam filters and or junk email. I do have articles from your fathers drowning..probably the same ones you have from the St Pete Times.


Ann mobile, al USA09/04/10 21:16:57 MST 
Iemailed before and you didn't respond. My father, Robert Breedlove drowned in the Blue Sink, June 10th, 1961. 3 others after him I know of which I have the clippings. Young strong men. Experienced. I suspicion it was the hydrogen sulphide because they frequented the place. Can you do some research on this for me? As to others? They tested the water after the 4th death and tried to stop the diving because they found the hydrogen sulphide.


Jim Culter Sarasota, FL USA08/06/10 06:36:11 MST 
I am interested in receiving information on offshore karst features for scientific research purposes. I have been studying them (when possible) for a number of years. If you think you have a new offshore site pleas contact me at jculter@mote.org Note. Few people ever do actually find a "new" site. Most sites have multiple names.


Jim Culter Sarasota, FL USA08/06/10 06:32:23 MST 
Good site.


Casey lakeland, Fl USA07/29/10 18:47:57 MST 
God Bless Wes Skiles and all of the divers that where inspired by him to become certified safe cave divers! Im sure that Wes & Sheck Are once again diving together in Heaven!


Steven I Spring Hill , FL USA07/24/10 16:53:08 MST 
I may have found a new spring I will be investigating tomorrow and will keep you informed with pictures and location


robert lee tampa, fl USA07/09/10 20:11:04 MST 
realy nice webpage the sites in tampa ar not diveable just moved down from va. im getting back in diving with my son now ?


Carol Alves Winter Park, FL USA06/16/10 11:23:50 MST 
Just finished Dark Shadow by Randy Wayne White about lake and cave diving. Really insightful. I am sure that I will never do this sport, but appreciate the skills of those who do.


Darwin Coiner 34669, fl USA06/09/10 18:52:37 MST 
Currently on my way to become full cave certified, and I wont dive till I read your commits about the dive site! Going to citrus this weekend to try out some dry caves, want to see them without the bubbles. Thanks, keep up the good work


mark abbott USA02/13/10 22:49:46 MST 
mike thanks so much for all the time you took to put this togethor and share it


Yannig Charles Courchevel, USA01/25/10 12:06:54 MST 
Nice site !!! Very complet !


Donna King Tuscumbia, Al USA01/14/10 10:59:54 MST 
I really enjoyed your website. I was a diver for a time but stopped. Thanks for having such a good site.


Jeffrey Clay Inverness, fl USA01/02/10 07:08:23 MST 
Great site, Mike!!!!


Steve Christmas Dallas, TX USA11/07/09 20:27:30 MST 
Great Website! I'm a native Floridian diver with 40 years in every spring diveable; including 4) Wakulla 1985. Still facinated with the Florida aquifier; think I will always enjoy one more dive as long as I live. Thanks for the site.


John Henry NPR, Fl USA11/02/09 02:03:29 MST 
What a cool site. Really enjoy the pics.


Jill Deutsch USA08/30/09 08:47:25 MST 
very scary, very cool


Mark Flowers Jacksonville, FL USA08/26/09 10:17:42 MST 
Very cool website!! Thanks for the information and keep the bubbles rising.


c Gainesville, FL USA06/26/09 10:10:26 MST 
Thanks Mike for a great site and your comments on Buford. They were spot on. Fortunately the area recovers quickly (was there last weekend and there's little evidence of anyone even using the tram road - it's all grown back that quick). Never understood divers smoking... leaving butts is unforgivable.


nick helmuth brooksville, FL USA06/21/09 10:54:51 MST 
Hello Mike. I have been going to the dames caves for 10 years off and on and just recently heard of jeep cave and what it was like. I spent all of this weekend looking for jeep cave and others like dog drop pit and rockpile cave but could not find any of them. i was just wondering if you could possibly give me the where abouts of it or at least point me in the right direction. I would really appreciate it.


Julie Komenda Brooksville, FL USA06/05/09 07:05:42 MST 
Great site--I am looking for a survey of Weeki Wachee spring, like the one of Little Salt.


Amy Stryker USA05/30/09 07:28:08 MST 
Read about the help you gave to Lisa Unger. I never knew about the network under FL. Quite interesting! Thank you.


Tami las vegas, Nv USA05/22/09 12:52:44 MST 
saw your website mentioned in Lisa Ungers book "Black Out", thought I would check out your pictures of caves. Beutiful pictures and your boys are cute!


buhlz port richey, f USA05/19/09 16:51:36 MST 
Hey Mike! Did some recon diving lately. Checked out the Cedar springs. There's no line and it get's fairly deep to the south east. The two openings are two skylight and debri-mounds in a somewhat large cavern. Our bubbles barely knocked off any debri from the ceiling leading me that there's been people there before (but no line). Entering the opening the whole floor moved w/ jorse-shoe crabs!Pretty cool stuff. Maybe we can sink up bro and lay some line! Email me. Also been diving alot lately; like ya to join!) CYA


Jamie Ellsworth, ME USA05/10/09 11:53:43 MST 
I came across your site after reading Black Out by Lisa Unger. The part about the caves and sinkholes in FL intrigued me and sent my imagination going. When I found your web address in the acknowledgements I had to check it out. I am very interested in the whole cave diving thing and your pictures are truly amazing, I am very impressed and intrigued. I never knew such magical and dangerous places existed just below the surface!!! Thank you for sharing!


Gaston Careau Beloeil, QC Canada03/01/09 12:48:55 MST 
I used to rent Eleanor's Moore house (the Grand Duchess) in winter and I was always wondering about the dept of the sink.
Thank You for the informations.


Chris Newton Brandon, Fl USA02/06/09 03:44:24 MST 
Hey man, it's been awhile. A friend and I spent 6 hours in a chamber thanks to an equipment malfunction in Hospital Hole. Soon as I can get out of my OTA program I'll have the cash to jump back in. I was wondering if you've seen or heard anything new about Waterfall Sink. I miss that murky little hole.


judith gibson cumberland, md USA01/01/09 11:12:04 MST 
we only travel vicariously. Your site transports us to delightful places. Can only imagine the actual experience. thank you.


Michael foy Tama, FL USA11/12/08 18:44:11 MST 
Mike I have been reading and referring people to your page since the 90's. I have found many places due to your descriptions.I look every once in a while and i see you do update. Thanks. Michael Foy


Damian Menning USA10/31/08 08:34:59 MST 
Great website


Ramona Gehl Windsor , Ontario Canada09/29/08 01:52:16 MST 
LOL...I meant I just read Lisa Ungers "Black Out", not to be confused with the other book I just read by Susan Crandall -- "Pitch Black"!!! My excuse...it's 4:46 AM! Laffin'


Ramona Gehl Windsor, Ontario Canada09/29/08 01:45:11 MST 
Just read Lisa Ungers "Pitch Black" and wanted to check out info on underwater caves...nice site!


Steve Port Richey, f USA09/23/08 13:14:57 MST 
Well said Mike!


Tara Palm Harbor, FL USA09/12/08 15:59:07 MST 
After reading what you have to say about the blue sink and the owner, I want you to know that calling my GRANDFATHER morally wrong for not wanting every joe knocking at his door is a pretty harsh thing to say and you clearly do not know the meaning of morality. Your version of morality if that it should be open to the public like it once was which ended up being trash, I remember growing up and still to this day find beer bottles from 20-30 years ago. He welcomes all, but no does not want people diving, liability alone, and yes he may be a worry wart but you clearly have children, so you should have some understanding of that. He does not hog the property to himself, he has always let our family have parties there, he always has church functions there, and welcomes many to share the beauty of it. If anything you should blame the state for letting someone buy it, not him. He wishes that no one forgets the property, many people come by with their children and talk about how they spent much of their youth there, while my Grandmother fixes up some sandwhiches and a nice cool drink. And how dare you make it sound like you are looking forward to his passing because you hope that we will belittle ourselves and let the government pay as for it. There is no price to the connection our family has with this land. Hate to break it you, the blue sink will be staying in our family for many years to come, and one day when you come upon knocking at the door your presence will not be welcomed. How dare you bash my grandfather.


Tara, thanks for stopping by and sharing some wonderful insight. It is unfortunate that you took offense to my opinions published on the Blue Sink page. I certainly don't harbor any ill will towards your Grandfather and don't want to see him pass any sooner than God intended. I don't really see how starting a paragraph off with "Jim is truly a nice guy…." qualifies as bashing, so it sounds like you may have some other issues. As for my comments, I stand by them. I'm real happy that you and your family get to enjoy Blue Sink…my boy's just get to hear stories about the awesome blue water. Despite being a hell of a nice guy, Gramps has gone to great lengths to "protect" the property from the general public. He wants no mention of it on the Internet, had it de-listed from the book "Underwater Florida" and even upon my visit, would not allow a picture to be taken. So basically, he has friends over to use the property the way he sees fit…sit and stare at it, but don't swim or dive. I fully understand his reasons and respect his wishes.
However, since my web site IS dedicated to cave diving, I tend to slant my comments towards the way a diver would feel when encountering this situation. Also, I feel my comments regarding possible government purchase of this site for public use were within the realm of good taste. But, it is obvious that you desire to preserve this wonderful site and share it's beauty by keeping it in the family and the gate locked. Nice little conservative mind…just like Gramps. Just for the record, there are many land owners (including county, state and federal parks), who allow myself and others access to their private property for the purpose of diving every day. Though I will continue respect your Grandpas wishes by not trespassing on his property, don't think I won't blow you a kiss someday when I come through the caves and surface in Blue Sink.
Dive Safe....Mike E.

jeff johnson tarpon springs, fl USA09/06/08 11:11:39 MST 
Rookie cave diver from Tarpon Springs Florida.....new to cave diving...so far only cave at Howard Park Florida, closed now...and need new cave in Tarpon area.


Peter Meier Wilhelmshaven, Germany09/04/08 17:32:03 MST 
Very nice site. I'd love to be brave enough to dive "eagle's nest". Unfortunately I'm damn claustrophobic...


Michele Mason City, Ia USA08/07/08 15:49:55 MST 
Got your website address from book "BLACK OUT". Kool stuff.
I've been to MORRISON SPRINGS in the Florida Panhandle, just for a swim. NO DIVING FOR ME. Saw the platform. This has been about 20 years ago, so no idea what's goin' on now.Thanx for the site.


Steve Port Richey, fl USA08/05/08 15:51:57 MST 
These people don't know what they're missing!!!!


Tony & TJ Ciesla Tampa, FL USA08/04/08 17:06:27 MST 
You have a lot of good and interesting information. But we couldn't even think of going down as far as you did in some of those underwater caves. Thanks for sharing your adventures.


Steve Port Richey, fl USA08/03/08 15:44:05 MST 
Hey Mike! Chris, Stan and I dove Heart sink today. Man, what a nasty hole. Hydrogen sulfide @ 130' was so bad it felt like our faces were on fire. It would be interesting more if that wasn't present, ya know. We checked out some area's around the debri mounds base and looked @ the deeper section. Stan only had a 120 so we pretty much called it around there! But, the HS was getting bad. Deco was spent playing around. Long day, and tiring. I don't know if I'll return. Maybe when I'm TRIMIX, but ya know. CYA


Steve Port Richey, fl USA07/25/08 17:36:22 MST 
Hey bud!Still there??We're finding more leads and stuff. Still waiting to hear from ya. Got Paul & a few others even searching. May also have so access to BCWA soon. KIT!Please


John Henry New Port Richey, Fl USA07/16/08 05:50:40 MST 
Nice site Mike.
Scares the hell outta me just thinking about being down in one of those caves. I had a Hooka rig on my shrimp boat. Going down to the prop was far enough for me. haha John


Jan T York, PA USA06/30/08 18:45:00 MST 
Read Lisa Unger's book "Black Out" and got your site from her acknowlegements. I can't think of anything that sounds scarier than diving in these holes. You're a brave man.



sherrie bohannon laurel, ms USA06/30/08 17:02:46 MST 
awesome info on caves and diving made lisa ungers passage in black out come to life


steve port rinckle, fl USA06/13/08 16:21:23 MST 
Hey Mike. How's it going. Just wondering if you can come out and dive one of these times. My buds saw ya at scuba west but didnt know it was you. Are we gonna go to Blue sink and try some more. Let me know, you have my email and number. L8R !!!!!!


Steve USA06/12/08 16:38:30 MST 


Steve USA06/12/08 16:37:57 MST 


islandboy277 homosassa, fla. USA04/04/08 22:04:21 EDT 
dude this site is off the hook. had 2 add 2 my fav. good job!!


Thomas Hurst Ft Myers, FL USA03/07/08 20:05:30 EST 
Great site, lots of info. You even had a link to "joes sinks" where I nearly lost my life in a diving accident years ago!


Irena London, N/A USA02/23/08 04:02:08 EST 
As a biography, Alecia Oleyourryk is age 24. She grew up in Oswego, New York with “old-fashioined” parents. She attended Boston University where she was a magazine journalism major and is currently a bartender in New York. She’d like to be an actress in L.A.


Zach Johnson Panama City Beach, FL USA02/15/08 22:54:28 EST 
Your website has a lot of good information. I'll have to check some of these sites out if I ever get down your way. Thanks.

- Zach


Steve Port Richey, fl USA02/14/08 08:59:55 EST 
Arch was really clear yesterday. You could actually see the debri field from the surface but upon enter the larger off-shoot cave there was alot of particulate. Been a while since I've been there but I haven't seen it that pretty. Still 'Very' silty but what a nice little place locally. KIT - L8R


Gary Land O Lakes, FL USA02/13/08 13:04:01 EST 
Just wanted to say hi the site has been very helpful planning the next dive. Thanks


Steve Port Richey, fl USA02/04/08 18:14:54 EST 
Dove Eagles once again! great dive- nice and clear! When ya gonna come out and play! CYA


Steve Port Richey, fl USA12/23/07 18:35:11 EST 
Hey Mike! Dove Buford & Nest yesterday- Buford was not real good - eagles was nice- where ya yet, man! L8R


Steve Port Richey, fl USA12/13/07 20:57:18 EST 
Hey Mike! Where ya at! Dove Buford again. Need ya out there w/ us!


amanda monaco jfuorehuighre, mbv USA12/11/07 20:36:07 EST 
klrehghtrhjiojkojklmmlnkjui jiojiodjv hniohi


Steve Port Richey, f USA12/02/07 21:46:51 EST 
Hey Mike! Dove the Buford again! Amazing, and really dry today. We met some folks from Pinellas county and let's just say, they're gonna ruin it for everyone. I hate to wine, but they drove the truck to the gear spot. So, we told them etc etc, so hopefully they'll keep their promise. The also said they've been there before- but "they know"- Well, crap! I don't know what to do to help here, ya know. Can't exactly tell CWR about it. I have there info if you need it.
........ Dive was great, man! Wish you could come out and play! The walk was done from the dirt road, w/ gear- no dolly! Dry as a bone! Some muck, but - I'm getting the hang of it I think out there! It gets tricky but there's a few area that I've noticed that are real deep of muck. I only sank once!!! My buddies even were not winded or schmegged from the muck! It's not bad now so try and get some free time!!!! L8R


Steve Port Richey, fl USA11/20/07 08:38:11 EST 
Mike! Where've ya been! Happy T day!Feel like I know ya already! Dove Buford the other day and it was gorgeous! Anyway, checking in- once again.


Brian Gilgeous Liverpool, England11/13/07 06:00:33 EST 
Great site Mike! Makes me realise that we are only just scratching the surface of your cave systems, when we come over to visit the more "commercial" caves.We shall have to broaden our horizons in future. Best regards


Steve Port Richey, fl USA11/07/07 16:02:51 EST 
Hey again. Checking in with ya. Dove Arch yesterday and wow- vis was great! Got to see more than I've ever have. Still waiting for that call! And still waiting on the Waterfall gimmick! Call sometime! L8R


Susan Davis Seffner, Fl USA11/03/07 20:35:12 EDT 
Great website.... would love to see more pics.... great job


chris persaud USA11/02/07 17:34:49 EDT 
great site, lot of useful info


Breads New York, New York USA11/01/07 15:01:48 EDT 
bread online


Steve Port Richey, fl USA10/16/07 21:57:02 EDT 
Hey again! Been checkin' around here lately for more leads. Looked at waterfall, looks potential- would like to (sink) up with anyone out there and see whats up. Also, my buddies have been checking alot of sinks/ponds w/ my boat and underwater fish-finder camera; skoping.
Tried that pond in front of seapines- notta. Tried the one off New York ave (est), tires, tons of tires.
**Dove Garden somewhat- nasty hole. If anyone dives or checks out Garden again and finds a Oceanic Ion mask w/ a Tusa strap on it, please email me! Thanks! We're searching for more leads as well. The boat really helps


Chris Spring Hill, USA09/08/07 17:36:55 EDT 
Dove Waterfall sink today. Found a line we guess to be yours, but if not its in the eastern side but facing north. We didn't mess with it and it appeared to be stop at the entance of a small cave. Place had the feel of a dynamited Spring. Cool water was seeping in at 30-35 feet. We pulled up some smaller branches. Don't think it helped much.


Chris USA08/29/07 00:29:39 EDT 
Been meaning to get into Waterfall Sink, a crazy local who lives on it (moving, hopefully) has been keeping me away. I'll make good on my promise to clean it out, as much as possible though.


Steve Port Richey, USA08/27/07 22:27:46 EDT 
Thanks for writing back! Dove the nest again today- it's been a while! Cya


Warren Abadie Clearwater , FL USA08/23/07 18:25:01 EDT 
You've got a great website and I thank you for it. I am an avid diver and also a sailor. My wife and I owned a 30' S2 for many years before Katrina took her.
But, my wife and I also own a pair of jet skis we often snorkle from and do a lot of exploring on. We are both memebers of the USPS. We don't consider ourselves "assholes on jet skis", we are very considerate of our surroundings.

Warren Abadie
Clearwater FL


Steve port richey, f USA08/23/07 15:45:03 EDT 
Yeah again- Hey Chris- we dove that not too long ago- there are some creepy things in there! We didn't get to far vis is less than 2 feet- pretty scarey!!!!!! Mike Emanuel!!!! Let us know if you're going to dive! Anything!! Oh, yea- Paul H says hi!

Hey Steve, I've just been poking around new leads lately, no real "cave diving" per sey. Did some digging in the South end of Spring Bayou where two small holes are blowing copious amounts of fresh water. Also need to take some lift bags back to the hole off Waterfall and move a few logs to see whats below that ledge. Due to my insane schedule, most of my diving is done on the spur of the moment, but email me your phone number and maybe we can synch up!
Dive Safe....Mike E.

Chris Newton Spring HIll, FL USA08/20/07 17:31:11 EDT 
Hey, its the guy always bugging you about Waterfall Sink/Laura's Hole. Just wanted to point out that the Garden World or whatever in Hudson, the property is for sale, so if you guys wanted to hit it, now would be the time. Good luck and thanks again for keeping us all updated.


Mark Holden Wesley Chapel, FL. USA07/15/07 12:11:19 EDT 
Hey there Mike, Being a 4th generation Floridian and an avid spring diver for over 35 years ... I really appreciate your great website. THANKS ! My 17 year old daughter and my 15 year old son were "born with gills" as well as their Dad. Because of the massive amounts of dive gear to haul around, and the lack of time ... we do a lot of free diving. I still can make it 40' ft. or so (50' on a good day), and my daughter is now right there with me. My son is having a bit of "ear clearing" difficulty, I feel due to the growth spurt up to 6'2" in the past year. Hopefully he will outgrow his problem. Doctors can't see any thing wrong. He wants to dive. It's a bit frustrating to a 15 year old boy, atching Dad and sis drop out of site. Anyway,I haven't visited your site in awhile ... and hit it today (Sunday 7/15/07) ... and it just reminded me of the effort that you have reflected in this unique website. Again, thanks. Stay wet. It keeps you young. Regards, Mark, Becky, Whitney and Forrest Holden.


Randy Ocala, FL USA07/10/07 22:40:22 EDT 
Nice page. I had fun visiting a few old sights on your page.


steve port richey, fl USA07/10/07 17:50:28 EDT 
MIKE! Hey! I know you're busy- but just wondering what you're up to in the diving world for today! We can use a good host!! Esp for us new cavers! Thanks


allen allen Dublin, ga USA07/08/07 19:35:13 EDT 
My nefew and I went into a cave close to Tampa about 1962. I remember going down thru a small hole about 20 feet on a rope and then it opened up to a cave about 12-15 feet wide and sloped down. The floor was covered with stones and while we went in the bats came out. We could hear blasting going on so we decided we better come back out. The entrance was hidden in the woods. Allen


steve port richey, USA06/20/07 20:19:25 EDT 
Also, if you didn't already know, they are almost done with fixng the decking at Emearld sink in Leon county! Well, hope you get this! Later- dive safe and may the schwartz be with you! Buhler! L8R


Steve USA06/20/07 20:08:35 EDT 
Hey Mike- Now newly certified to cave, are you ever thinking about coming out to cave again???! If you are, please email or post on your site- would very much like to dive w/ ya!


James Denise spring hill, FL USA06/16/07 19:38:39 EDT 
id like to thank you for the work that you have done. youve showed me and a few of my cavediving buddies a few new spots to check out. hopefully we can report to you our findings on some of the site that you didnt have to much info on. thanks again


Pam Keim Palm Harbor, fl Pinellas06/09/07 17:40:27 EDT 
You have, by far, the BEST site on the web for our local springs/sinks. thanks so much!!


Chris Newton Spring Hill, FL USA06/03/07 19:34:55 EDT 
Hey, I've "discovered" a sinkhole that I can't find information on anywhere, including your site. I'd like to find out more about it, including diving it my self (to safe limits) and contacting others. Where could I go to find out if people know anything about it?


Russ,R Kissimmee, FL USA05/27/07 22:57:46 EDT 
I like this site I have found a lot of nice dives here


Alex Warren St. Petersburg, FL USA05/24/07 13:17:30 EDT 
Hi Mike
I have been fan of your web site for many years. Great work. Please drop me e-mail, so i could contact you privetly.
Thanks Alex


Robin Roberts Atlanta, Ga USA04/17/07 22:35:08 EDT 
alias:Captain Planet 442FSW


steve port richey, USA04/11/07 10:09:41 EDT 
Just wondering if you ever are going to visit your site again?

Sure, I'm here all the time!

Brian K Dunn washington, pa USA04/08/07 09:36:33 EDT 
Very nice web site very informative. This one of the best sites that i've read in a long time .Keep up the great work.  Thanks Brian


[aoskfdnd pontiac, mi USA03/28/07 19:43:30 EST 
whats up


Bob Jackson Hinesville, GA USA12/25/06 09:29:20 EST 
Glad I found your link. I am reading through and find it informative. I ama reasonably new cave diver, and fine sites like yours help expand my knowledge. Thanks


Greg bauknight spring hill, fl USA11/16/06 19:41:46 EST 
Hey Mike, I was on one of those early dives in the Jewel with you and Chris. The three of us dropped to 180. I was newly cave certified and I believe you were still open water certified. At 180, you called the dive, and We all went up. I had an early alladin computer and did my deco at the mouth, and you and chris swam back. I popped up 10 minutes later. Remember? All three of us were on air, and I was on double 104s....

This was before Chris started going to 280 on air. we all thought he was going to die....


Kimberly Beverly Hills, Fl USA11/12/06 19:48:07 EST 
My friends and I have been into the caves in the withlacooche forest...how many are there people can actually climb into?


Doreen LLerena port richey, fl USA08/19/06 19:06:41 EDT 
Hey Mike, not sure if you remember me. I'm Rose LLerena's sister. She played the drums w/you in band. I played clarinet. Just thought I'd say hi! Hope all is well with you & family. I'll tell Rose about your website. Take care. Doreen


Charles Read Leeds, USA08/15/06 09:24:25 EDT 
Mike, you have a great site. I'm in Florida for 3 weeks
starting Thursday, hope to dive some of it - even to
say hi.




debbie emanuel fort worth, tx USA06/23/06 22:42:13 EDT 
same name ... check email


Steve port richey, USA06/19/06 19:03:45 EDT 
Good God! Few things I should add: BTW the site kicks ass! Been diving here for a while and just wanted to let you know that Joe & Mary might be going bye-bye. Yeah, not the greatest of dives but I contacted Nss and NACD and no ones doing anything to prevent building. I know a few voices can't do anything but just thought I'd letchya know.. 2) Still playing music- I play keys! Welp, I'll check back and forth like I always do! Nie job and look forward to playin/ or diving w/ ya!


william k millett new port richey, fla USA06/19/06 18:54:38 EDT 
cool stuff you have here....thks


Chris Kules Palm Harbor, FL USA06/02/06 02:29:50 EDT 
Love this site... Been coming back to it for 5-or-6 years.
Cave cert. through ScubaWest with Paul & Jill.
Can't wait to get wet in a cave again... been out of the water too long!
Cave Dive Buddies:
Jason Paquette
Casey Driggers
Rob Compitello
and a few other deep dwellers...
Looking for a dive buddy? Give me a ring (727) 421-0883
Dive deep, dive far, dive long, but most of all... DIVE SAFE!
Chris K.


Rose New Richmond, WI USA05/18/06 08:35:24 EDT 
I used to live in Florida and my friends and I discovered Isabella Spring on a hike. We named it wet foot springs. Who knew it was so huge under there, we just stayed on that little platform dock thing and got bitten by the flies.


John Tumino Gainesville, FL USA05/03/06 10:31:47 EDT 
Spelunking is a great sport. You should join the FLorida Speluological Society or a grotto near you. Oh and just a suggestion: Don't post locations of caves on the internet. Why? Well the sport can be dangerous for the novice getting someone hurt and the worst is if land owner relations get strained becaase people are trespassing and will spoil it for the rest.

Wow John, it's a good thing the National and State Parks departments don't share your point of view or we would all have to know the secret handshake to find the Grand Canyon, mountains, and other natural treasures. The private landowner issue is definitely a concern though, thats why I funnel what funds I have into the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society; we actively purchase caves every year so they can be preserved for our continued use. The FSS does seem like a great bunch of fun loving folks and I also recommend supporting them as well (I refer lots of people to their website).
Dive Safe....Mike E.

Daniel Jerome Clearwater, FL USA05/03/06 09:07:37 EDT 
I love this site. It has interesting info. My next dive is Crystal Beach. I can't wait to go do it. I was relatively dissapointed with the visability at Howard Park cave.


Tim McGuinness Palm Harbor, FL USA04/06/06 10:49:29 EDT 
Hi Mike, it's me (Mr. Lake Tarpon Monster). I have refered you to Mike Terrell, here at the Florida Aquarium - who may be contacting you about cave and sink hole diving. Also note the web address above, it's another of my web projects.
Hope you all are doing well. Tim McGuinness 727-385-2215


Brian Baton Rouge, LA USA04/04/06 09:02:29 EDT 
You have a great site here, it was fasinating reading all of your descriptions of the dive sites. It makes me want to take up cave diving! (Don't worry though, I am not going to ;-) )


JC Toronto, ON Canada03/18/06 20:25:07 EST 
Thanks for the information on the many wonderful dives in FLA. I will surely be taking a trip down within the next year or two. JC - DiveMaster, Toronto Ont.


JB NY, NY USA03/16/06 05:00:09 EST 
Great site! Good job!


Charles Cassino Dunedin, Fl USA03/14/06 14:08:43 EST 
Back in the seventies my friends and I would visit the Blue Sink on a daily basis. Jumping out of the trees, swinging off the rope swing, sitting in the mulberry tree eating away, drinking a few beers...........ah.............I have many wonderful memories.

As I understand, a private owner bought it about 20 years ago.....bummer......however it is nice to see the Blue Sink is being preserved, a true Florida wonder.


Madelyn Mateo Miami, FL USA03/13/06 20:17:53 EST 
This is a great site... I will be exploring cave diving
for the first time this month, and your insight was
helpful. Thank you! Which is your favorite site in Florida?


Michael W. Jax, Fl. USA03/08/06 00:18:32 EST 
Great site.


Katie Collins Jacksonville, FL USA02/15/06 15:28:02 EST 
Great information, but I am a fairly new diver and am a little scared of the overhead environment. I am looking for springs with good vis and large openings with little to no overhead. Thanks.


arnold USA01/31/06 10:11:39 EST 
well done!


Chris Newton Spring Hill, Fl USA01/30/06 20:52:15 EST 
Hey, me yet again. I've been researching abandoned quarries and mines in the area, not much info anywhere. But after a mapquest search, I noticed that Belcher's Mine, which apparently contains


Richard Levy Homosassa, FL USA01/30/06 09:51:32 EST 
Great site. would love to get around caving activities, never did any cave exploring before. I see one cave is just east of me off 491, my wife and I may go for a look see.


Phent Milann, NY USA01/05/06 17:44:26 EST 
Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanks.


Tim Schmitt DeBary, FL USA01/02/06 09:28:02 EST 
I had lived in Port Richey over 15 years ago. I now am looking into cave diving, I have been diving since the 80's and just completed my NAUI Master diver. I am considering Cave Diving to Supliment Tech/Wreck!
GREAT SITE Thanks for all your work


Bob Claudy Orlando, Fl USA12/24/05 20:19:27 EST 
I used to dive Wards many years ago. I would call mike ward and meet him to dive the sink. I lost his number years ago. I heard that there was a big stink over the land with the relatives. Have you heard anything about it.
I also heard that Arch was going to be opened by the owner on a call in request appointment. Have you heard about this?
Thank you Bob

Bob, Wards sink has been "officially" closed to recreational divers for a few years now (ever since Mikes sister built a house on the property). Any big stink probably had to do with the potential of losing the land to a dead divers family ...release forms and divers wishes mean nothing once a scumbag lawyer convinces the desceased loved ones that theres a buck to be made. As for Arch, the property is for sale ($600K) and has a contract pending. We'll all have to see what the new owner plans to do with the property.
Dive Safe....Mike E.

Butch Branch Oklahoma City, OK USA12/24/05 10:32:20 EST 
A great website! I hope to be able to dive some of these places someday. I made a "quickie" dive at Ginnie Springs last year, it only whetted an appetite I didn't know I have.


Jeffrey Martinroe Atlanta, GA USA12/06/05 00:31:03 EST 
I grew up in Tampa and dived the bay and a few sink holes may years ago. Enjoyed your site.


Dave S. Wesley Chapel , FL USA11/26/05 19:48:06 EST 
BTW, I remember diving Jenkins creek in the mid 80's (20 years ago)and the story of the dead diver scratching "I love you mom" was circulating back then. I dove the entrance to the spring under the trees that droop into the water in the picture, but I don't recall seeing any holes big enough to get a person through. Has anybody ever verified that story, or is it an urban legend? What do you think. I also remember someone telling me they dynamited the entrance after the kid died ?


Dave, it's definitely a true story, his name was Jason Tuskes. See the newspaper accounts of the event in the "Articles" section on my web site. I'm not aware of any dynamite being used on the entrance since it's always been very, very tight and not something you could enter with back mounted tanks. The only thing that should go past the entrance at this site is the beam of a flashlight!
Dive Safe....Mike E.

Dave S Wesley Chapel, FL USA11/26/05 19:25:36 EST 
Springs and sinks page is absolutely awesome. I only wish I had some info to contribute. Please keep this site up. If I try any of the untried sinks I will get you details.


Stein Mollerhaug Oslo, Norway11/20/05 12:59:12 EST 
Great and informative site. I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, but have no cave diving experience nor training. Your site uis very inforamtive, and it makes me want to try cave diving - with a professional and safety consious operator like yourself.


Scott Odessa, FL USA11/19/05 22:26:01 EST 
Great site and original. As an open water diver, I appreciate that have shared your experience but make it clear that you need considerable training to go where you have gone (and write about it after).
Neat site you should see (if you haven't already) is http://alanformstone.com. Please keep updating you site.....I may not be a cavern diver but I enjoy all of your adventures.



michael tampa, fl USA11/10/05 09:57:13 EST 
ty for the inspiration and guidence your website gives me!


Chris Newton Spring Hill, Fl USA11/05/05 21:43:35 EST 
I've been through Joe's a couple times. But I was asked to leave by local cops and further questioning revealed that the power company owns that land, and it is trespassing to go there, swim there, and dive there, and I believe that includes the Lost Forty as well, sadly. So for now I am stuck in Hudson Grotto and Hospital Hole. Again, thanks for the site and info.


Rolando Coral Gables, Fl USA11/05/05 07:40:34 EST 
Good info site, I am a Trimix diver and Basically do Tech wreck diving in the South Florida area. I like the fact that you are NOT a fanatic brown noser of these new diving CULTS and can give me a non interest advice. I have never dove in the Florida springs and would like to know areas I can dive multiple sites that have good Viz and no deeper than 230'. I have no cave training so the sites i would like to visit must be caverns etc.

If you have the time, please let me know and thank you very much.


Deep freshwater sites with good vis and direct access to the surface are almost non-existent. Your requirement for an area with multiple caverns and decent vis points to one spot; the area around the Suwannee & Santa Fe rivers in North Florida. Most of the caverns have been purchased and are pay sites, but hey, I think every most cave diver has visited them at some point. Notible sites include Ginnie Springs, Blue Grotto, Paradise Spring, and Devils Den. If your driving up the West coat of Florida, you may also want to stop in at Manatee Springs.
Have Fun & Dive Safe....Mike E.

Chris Newton Spring Hill, FL USA11/03/05 21:19:52 EST 
Hey, I want to go check out Eagle's Nest (not dive, only open water cert.) My only question is if it is worth snorkeling in the area. Can you see the cave entrance or anything like that. Again, I know better than to dive there.

In the colder parts of the year, the basin clears enough to be able to see the solution tubes, however for most of the summer, there are huge clumps of floating algae (look closely at the pic) that make surface swimming undesirable for most folks. They are like little islands capable of supporting birds, turtles, snakes, etc. If you are interested in exploring a basin that has sloution tubes leading to a chamber below, Joes sinks (on the side of of Hwy 50, East of Weeki Wachee, by the power lines) is a LOT easier to get to and is open water diver friendly.
Dive Safe....Mike E.

mike jetmore palm harbor, fl USA10/02/05 21:49:06 EDT 
I love to snorkel and caves are awesome keep up the good work with your site. diveing scares the crap out of me but I don't think I will ever run out of places to snorkel thanks to sights like yours mike


Lacey Hernando bch., FL USA08/23/05 00:59:49 EDT 
your site is AWSOME.. I have been viewing your site for the last couple of years and it has great information! I never relly know about the great dive sites that were close by. THANKS Lacey


Claire st. pete, USA08/16/05 15:38:27 EDT 
Hey Mike,
Thank you for your superior site. I'm writing a mystery series "birder murders" - please contact me- I need your expertise and opinions about dry caves near Tampa - site for a kidnapping stash of victim- sure do appreciate your time- good diving! Claire


Greg Edwards Palm Harbor, FL USA08/10/05 22:42:06 EDT 
Thanks for sharing your website and great experiences!!!


Alex Pineiro Elmendorf AFB, AK USA07/18/05 20:26:12 EDT 
Thanks for the nice site you've set up here. I just finished my NACD Cavern in Fl. and I am HOOKED. I hope to be living there in a few years so we may just meet up some day...Thanks again


Adam Jones St. Petersburg, FL USA07/16/05 01:43:37 EDT 
Hey Me Man, This is Adam from SDC. I enjoyed your entire website, you like some cool shit. Good stuff. See you at the bars...


Scott Byars Tampa, Fl USA07/07/05 15:51:56 EDT 
Just moved to Tampa and your site has been a real help in finding some cave diving around here. Thanks for all the hard work.


Casey Driggers lakeland , fl USA06/30/05 00:05:41 EDT 
Mike' when are you going to update your page?I really hope that you have'nt gave up cave diving!! You provided a very important resourse to the community! Hope to here from you soon.

Hmmmm, you mean change the colors? I like the duckweed green over black abyss color scheme. I did add several new maps and a couple of new spring descriptions in the past month though.
Quit diving? Not as long as my health is good... in fact I just bought shitload of new gear including new doubles( PS130's)

John USA06/12/05 19:15:43 EDT 
do you have any spring/hole gps #s for gulf waters in the hudson/hernando area?


Wayne Powell Weeki Wachee, FL USA06/09/05 01:25:20 EDT 
I have been visiting this site for around 3 years now and each time I learn more about caves abd cave diving. I am NOT a diver of any sorts but truely enjoy the site. Thanks and keep up the great work.


Lloyd D. James Brown Deer, WI USA05/26/05 21:39:33 EDT 
I love your site. Your decriptions of the sink holes are fasination to me. I have always wanted to dive, but w/ my sinus problems and small ear channels, has scared me away.
I loved watching the old diving TV show w/ Lloyd Bridges. There some cool stories on that show. I also like the movie
showing the world record deep diving w/o assistance.
Cave diving looks like you are in another world, with every turn another passage to explore. But I think people who go cave diving are crazy. lol I watch an interesting show of cave diving in N. Zealand where the cave just drops to a very deep shaft after you pass a gentle slope. The divers were trying to go to a record depth. Since the cave was remote they decided to use STD compressed air that they could make on site. I think this was very poor judgement.
The diver were trying to acclimate themselves by diving each day to a deeper depth. I belive this is a dangerous technique.
I love reading alot of books on mountain climbs. Beyond 16,000 ft., you have to do make many trips part way up the mountain to acclimat your your bodies responce to low atmospheric pressure. The more you do this w/o any ozygen,
the better chance you will have of not getting hape or hipe.
I think hape stands for high altitude pulmonary edima. Its funny how diving and mountain climbing are opposites, w/ diving-high pressure and mountain clb.-low press. enviroment.
Good luck to all your diving students, and keep drumming into their heads, to have 3 of everything, and thats 3 extra energizers too! lol
Your fan, Lloyd D. James


Charlie Anderson NPR, USA05/25/05 00:28:02 EDT 
Awesome website!! I wasn't aware there were so many sinks/caves right in my own back yard. Was trying to find info on submerged cave in Gulf called


Billy McCardle Jr. Canton, Ga USA04/27/05 17:32:32 EDT 
I like your website. Stumbled upon it while looking at other cave diving websites.


Kagan brooksville, fl USA04/25/05 01:08:58 EDT 
THANK YOU! For such a good presentation of the area.
As a new diver never realized all these sinks were around me,i guess i can blame you for enrolling into cave certifications!
Keep up the good work.


Mary Thornhill Winter Haven, FL USA04/12/05 14:55:37 EDT 
Great site. Your information is really good. I have not been to some of these places for years. It is good to see that they are still being explored and protected.


Sam Chilie eustis, fl USA03/24/05 17:27:19 EST 
I am an old guy who searches for sinkholes, caves, deep holes in lakes and rivers, and limestone formations off Crystal River and Homosassa. I met a nice gentleman in the Leesburg dive shop who pointed to this site. Any info on deep holes in Lake Harris?


jasper rhodes clearwater, fla USA03/21/05 19:30:16 EST 
Thanks for the great info on the caves in the Withlacoochee State Forest. The Borg family and my family will be making a trip on 3/25/05. Wish me luck, between us we have a 4 yr old, 5 yr old and 7 yr old - all girls! When I mentioned bats, my daughter's eyes opened a mile wide and asked if they bite or if there wre any bugs in the cave. If anyone has any further information or has explored the main cave "Dame Cave", let me know.
Thanks again for sharing your information. I will definately post our expedition with the kids. See you soon, Jasper Rhodes


Kelle Wilkins spring hill, fl USA03/21/05 16:42:45 EST 
I found this site to be extremely informative. I live a few miles from the joe and marys sink. I used to drive by it everyday on my way to school. I never knew until now that it was a sink. Is there anything else you know about it? I find learning about the natural wonders of my area fascinating. Im going to school currently at fau in boca raton for marine and biospheric biology.


June (Taylor) Hicks Rothesay, NB USA03/14/05 14:40:16 EST 
Hey Mike, you probably don't remember me. I came from Canada in January 1976 for 6 months and was in some of your classes at Gulf Junior High.


Guy Wallis Tampa, Fl USA02/22/05 13:21:42 EST 
Very useful - good site!


mike mullins Tampa, FL USA02/10/05 09:55:15 EST 
Thanks for sharing your information. A friend and I were looking for the Crystal Beach spring where he used to swim as a kid. Because the area has changed so much we were unable to find it. Now we can.


chris oskin tarpon springs, fl USA01/07/05 17:22:25 EST 
i really enjoy your site i have been diving locally forabout 8 years and it has mostly in florida springs. It truly is a beatiful and unique enviornment we have here.
Take care.


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Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Now, quit posting your tiny Chinese mini links in my guestbook..ASSHOLE!

Sean Adams sc USA11/08/04 16:44:53 EST 
I'm still fairly new to cave diving,but have enjoyed the comradary among the divers I've meet and dove with so far. Your web site is informative and very well done.


Diann Inverness, Fl. USA11/05/04 09:51:38 EST 
Great site!Just surfing.I enjoyed it visit very much..


Terry Cunningham fl USA10/23/04 19:06:39 EDT 
Nice site .......just surfing......very interesting....


joe crosn USA10/10/04 19:55:02 EDT 
there is another "blue sink" in ocala national forest
good ol swimmin hole since last time h20 was at the rim
(before the help of 3 2004 hurrycanes) in the mid 80's


joe crosn USA10/10/04 19:41:04 EDT 
there is another "blue sink" in ocala national forest
good ol swimmin hole since last time h20 was at the rim
(before the help of 3 hurrycanes) ion the mis 80's


Steve Pantas Pageland, SC USA10/02/04 15:21:02 EDT 
Greetings, I am from Tarpon and come down at least every Jan and try to do some diving while there. I am cave certified and may visit some of the places you have listed. My favorite diving are wrecks and MEG diving in the Cooper River (black water). Thanks for the excellent website. Steve


Berny Blanco Southwest Ranches, FL USA10/02/04 13:00:03 EDT 
Nice Site


Jeff Milges Palm Harbor, FL USA09/10/04 00:14:07 EDT 
Very informative website, I live here and didn't know about 90% fo the dive sites ! Thank you!


ARY Flagler Beach, FL USA08/26/04 15:53:41 EDT 
Very informative west coast sinks directory, keep doing it!! Thanks a lot for the time spent on this webproject! I was trying to find some info on so called "Ocala Caverns" that suposingly have dry cave and water filled passages. Any ideas where else could i look for it?


Robert Wood NC USA 08/22/04 16:52:23 EDT  
Great site. I've been reading a lot a about diving--it's something I've always wanted to do, but never took time to do, so I dive in my mind thanks to great writing from folks like you. Maybe someday...


Billy McCardle Jr. Canton, Ga. USA 08/09/04 16:10:23 EDT  
I dove in northern Fla. caves years ago and fished Lake Tarpon more recently with my dad who lived on the lake. I knew of the sinkhole on the side but never really thought of diving it. Interesting to find this out about this area.


mark dow kingfield, me USA 07/23/04 12:22:19 EDT  


Stu Sterling Saint Cloud, FLA USA 07/15/04 11:00:36 EDT  
FANTASTIC SITE!!! INCREDIBLE PICS!!! I'm not a diver but have always been interested in underwater exploration! Definitely saving this site to favorites!!! Would love to see more pics and vids!!!


terry sarasota, fl USA 07/04/04 22:21:28 EDT  
I visited the dry caves today!!
Wow they were cool!!
thanks for the tip!If you know of anymore or some good spring/sinksthat are good snorkeling and are relatively unknown to the general public please drop me a line.
Again I really appreciate the trouble you have went through to build this site it is fantastic!


Kerri Seminole, FL USA 06/22/04 13:39:52 EDT  
Your website is very informative. I also was one of the people in the late 70's who enjoyed Blue sink and think it should be protected but not horded. Thank you for you website I truley enjoyed it


SCOTT PULLIAM holiday, fl USA 06/17/04 16:48:35 EDT  
craig simon will be missed greatly our prayers go out
to the family.


tim shields hudson, fl USA 06/14/04 10:33:42 EDT  
great site i live in hudson and like to find places to go for free my buddy and me dove joes sink its ok
my son just got jr. o.w. certified at scuba west and we celabrated at kings spring and three sisters in crystal river what a great place i visit this web site often 


jerry parthemer englewood, fl USA 06/13/04 19:11:47 EDT  
fascinating and very informative-THANKS


kevin bayl orlando, fl USA 06/13/04 10:01:09 EDT  
I'm in Iraq at the time .but i live in orange county and know that there are a lot of springs that people do not talk about!...I have done a lot a lake dives and found some great springs that way, I'm looking for stuff that the general public does not know about... Thanks Home soon...6/04.




Tim pinelas, Fl USA 06/06/04 21:23:33 EDT  
Back down Howard park hole. The old Sign that was sunk to the bottom has broken loose or been cut? Found the rock it was tied to and that is about all of the old stuff that I could find today as vis was down to 5 - 10 feet, that is lights only I could see other divers lights at 10 feet rather poor vis.


Kelly Brady Orange Park, FL USA 06/03/04 14:55:22 EDT  
Enjoyed the site. Minor correction...in a table that lists cave diving accidents, Brent Potts is listed as "Intro to Cave Diver"...he was full cave. I believe the article or table was compiled by Steve Gerrard.


your niece!!! Chelsea n.fort myers, FL USA 05/16/04 14:52:09 EDT  
loved the pictures of the boys their just so cute!!! 
see you later! Love Ya


KIM & JEFF  PT ST LUCIE, FL USA 05/06/04 00:23:13 EDT  


Matt Dunedin, FL USA 05/05/04 03:31:18 EDT  
Mike, truly amazing site....You took someone with no knowledge of sinks or caves, and made me a fan...This website is truly awesome. And, looking at the rest of your site, you are a truly talented man. I want to live my life like you!!!! 


Theresa Cleary Apex, NC USA 04/26/04 11:18:45 EDT  
Mike: Thank you for the very wonderful dive film of Eagle's Nest. My father was one of the pioneer divers, and lost his life in this sink hole on 11/4/1967. He reportedly only made it down to 190 feet, so I wonder if he made it to the main ballroom, though I don't think so. It looks so wonderful, and I can't think of a better place to remember him by. Thank you so much, because now I know that it was a magical place, the last thing my father saw before he died.


lee pelej winston, ga USA 04/22/04 13:17:11 EDT  
did quite a bit of cave diving in Fla. back in the mid 60's when ginnie was jennie springs Youir web site brough back some good memories. 


Dr. Daniel L. Young Houston, Tx USA 04/22/04 13:15:43 EDT 
Former Tampa resident (New POrt Richey)


Eric Brewer Lawrenceville, GA USA 04/20/04 10:23:26 EDT  
Great Site, just got back from Vortex and Morrison springs in the panhandle. I heard that the State just bought Morrison for 4.3 mil.... hope they keep the lower cavern open!!


Joe Strickland Tarpon Springs, FL USA 04/18/04 23:27:23 EDT  

Great site! Thanks for sharing your "passion" for cave diving on the internet. I never realized that so many Springs and Sinks were so close by.


Craig Loveland, CO USA 04/04/04 01:58:55 EST  
Thought I would say thanks for taking the time to create a web page to share an interest with others. Maybe I can return the favor sometime here in Colorado.

Thanks again,


Cathe Bowker Tampa, FL USA 03/30/04 22:08:01 EST  
Great site!


KIP NIX SEMINOLE, FL USA 03/30/04 15:25:42 EST  


Gene Page Micanopy, FL USA 03/18/04 11:45:38 EST  
I'm originally from Bradenton and spent a great part of my youth swimming at Lithia Springs. I often travel down there to visit family. I would be happy to dive with you at some of these locations. I'm currently a NSS-CDS Intro to Cave diver, working towards full cave. Thanks ... great website! Gene Page


Billy Baxter Grand Rapids, MI USA 02/28/04 23:59:33 EST  
nice site


Chris Newton Spring Hill, Fl USA 02/21/04 18:40:19 EST  
Hey, I want to thank you for posting information on many of the beautiful springs/sinks in Hernando County. I don't scuba yet, and to be quite honest, hearing of some of these deaths scares me a little. Thanks in particular for relaying the information about the death at Jenkins Creek. I always wondered why such a beautiful spring would be closed to the public. It really is a nice place to kick back for the day and do some swimming. Minus the barracuda. Anyway, great page!


Emery Molnar Pensacola, Fl USA 02/05/04 16:05:32 EST  
Great site & Safety advice !! Really enjoyed reading about the very "risky" spring dives and the close calls some have experienced and LIVED to write about !!! I was PADI & NAUI certified back in 1980, and dove Vortex, and Morrison Spring back before it was developed into a dive resort..I can still remember a score-board type sign nailed to a cypress tree that said "26 divers have lost there lives in this spring, will YOU be next ??" Made me change my mind about entering the 3rd chamber...Thanks Em


Brian Nose Farmers Branch, TX USA 01/23/04 14:06:40 EST  
This is the worst web site ever!


Dan Jordan Indianapolis, IN USA 01/12/04 12:43:46 EST  
I love to cave dive even though I am not certified to do so. I love to sneek into places open water divers should not be. Cave diving is easy! 

Dan, your'e so right, cave diving IS easy and relaxing too...98% of the time. It's the 2% thats gonna drown ya if you aren't prepared to cope with a problem or don't have the right equipment. Even trained Cave Divers have accidents, the difference is that  it's usually a calmer affair. They don't panic and  waste their time trying to claw through the ceiling like Open Water divers do. If you aren't going to get some training, at least get some life insurance for your familiy..and PLEASE leave them instructions not to sue the poor landowner, it's not his fault. I want you to enjoy life AND the caves...

Dive Safe,


Andy Donato Marysville, MI USA 01/05/04 20:27:44 EST  
I'll be visiting my folks in Clearwater next week (jan 12-)and am an avid Great Lakes wreck diver & charter boat operator/owner (up to and including Trimix but no cave exp). I'm curious where I can get a dive in around the Tampa area.


Rich Molnar Hudson, Fl USA 01/01/04 14:20:47 EST  
OOOhhh Braaaadd. Just wanted to be the first in 04 to leave a note. Very cool web site, even thou I'm claustrophobic, and cave diving would be a Freddy Kruger nightmare. Thanks for bringing me into the cave from my puter. Have Happy New Year. And be safe in your underground world.


Evan Howe Downers Grove, IL USA 12/20/03 22:52:32 EST  
pretty cool photos of caves


Stephen Lowell Plains, Ga. USA 12/13/03 23:00:33 EST  


Bill Rotella New Smyrna Beach, Fl USA 12/09/03 22:28:12 EST  
Enjoyed your site! 


Bill Cronin Tarpon Springs, FL USA11/12/03 13:18:09 EST  
I used to dive frequently with Chris Stone several years ago. I'm fairly sure you were there a few times we dove. What ever happened to Chris? Last I heard, he was married, and into sailing, out of the cave business? Anyway, if you get a chance, e-mail me with any info as to his where abouts! Thanks!


Daryl P Hutsko StPetersburg, Fl USA 11/09/03 20:26:12 EST  
Great Dive Site


tim hudson, fl USA11/08/03 00:50:18 EST  
great site
new diver 


Brandon Johnson hudson, florida USA 10/21/03 20:44:04 EDT  
Very good site visit it very often. Beacon Woods nexxus is in my back yard Never knew thanks!


Hanse Stuber Berlin, USA 10/03/03 08:06:45 EDT  
Nice page !!!


Timothy J. Lockard 09/26/03 02:27:04 EDT  
Nice website!
Feel free to use usemy pics and docs of Howard park at:
Just visited Monday 09-22-03 and it was fine


David Haselden Hampshire (the original one)), England 09/04/03 14:32:02 EDT  
Dive mostly in the UK and France but with trips to Florida each year. This time we're going to take a look at the Tampa area after a week up north. Looks like the website will be a great help. Thanks.


Pedro Miami, FL USA 08/03/03 21:17:43 EDT  
Very complete and interesting site. I am open water certified and I am looking into spring diving and want to visit some of the central florida locations. Not yet into cave diving but we'll see...


Steven Myli USA 08/01/03 18:31:05 EDT  
Great site, we're trying to get into cave diving.


Michael Foy Tampa, FL USA 07/27/03 03:30:33 EDT  
I been visiting your site for many years starting in the mid 90's. I havent looked at it for a while, WOW is all I can say. Great body of work here. I have used your directions in the past,and have found most of the sinks you used to have listed, I even visited Wall Springs before the park was built. I am now going to look for the Twin D'd and the dry caves. Thank you for such a GREAT SITE. Michael Foy NSS-CDS Member


Bob Caldwell Prattsville, AR USA 07/23/03 13:38:25 EDT  
Great site. Thanks for all of the information. I'm only open water certified now, and only have 29 dives, but I am curious about cave diving. I dove Vortex Springs a few weeks ago. Highly commercial, but for my level of ability it was fun. I plan to continue my diving, andlook forward to at least my Cavern Certification. Thanks again for a great site!


Detlef Hausmann Leipzig, USA 07/23/03 08:48:33 EDT  
Hi there , nice page and a good design!
Greets Detlef Hausmann


Bernhard Gleixner Oberaudorf, BY Germany 07/20/03 03:19:52 EDT  
Wonderful page. Very good job. Thanks


lou roseville, ca USA 07/20/03 02:26:28 EDT  
Wow great interesting site. I never dived before. great pictures.I was telling a friend about a cave tour i walked in, when in texas and the cave started filling up with water due to a storm that was passing and we had to leave real quick. we then thought wow that would have been cool to finish the tour with scuba gear. thats how i found your site from a search.


KELLY ANNE SH, FL USA 07/19/03 10:12:16 EDT  


Billy Pugh Palmetto, Fl USA 07/17/03 17:21:28 EDT  
Outstanding website...Thank You...I'll be back, Billy


Tina Deets Port Richey, FL USA 06/08/03 10:04:58 EDT  
I am a total newbie to diving and have found myself addicted to the springs. Your site is awesome - if a little frightening to such a beginner. My husband,Warren, an old Coastie, is hooked on your page, too. He used to dive with Mark Gray, whom we lost touch with but I see has found your site, too!! Mark, if you read this, we miss you and Lisa (and Allyson, of course). Thank you for such a responsible web page that doesn't encourage "testosterone diving" - inexperienced macho diving full of danger.
Do you recommend any particular shop to get certified in cave diving? Thanks again.

*** Scuba West in Hudson would be my choice***


C Jason Wheate St Louis, Mo USA 06/06/03 18:19:34 EDT  


Michael Selva USA 06/03/03 13:14:12 EDT  
I was looking for a site that would provide the distance of the canal from Lake Tarpon to the Bay (for jogging purposes) and found your page. I also like to snorkle in the springs. Very nice page. Thank you. 


Terri C Spring Hill, FL USA 05/18/03 22:08:06 EDT  
Loved the site. Very informative about local dives & places to explore.


rick and leslie robinson USA 05/12/03 20:22:48 EDT  
great site


Mark Gray Conway, AR USA 05/08/03 13:46:50 EDT  
Have been to this site several times to remind me of the past. Lived in St. Pete and moved away in 97. Have been to many of the sites you list, even Lolly after L. Hole passed on. Actually met you in Arch one day as you were going in for a solo. Really miss the beauty of the underwater FL. If you see Larry G., tell him Mark Gray (banana boy) said hell-o.


Joe Doles Willoughby, Oh USA 05/03/03 07:26:29 EDT  
Thanks for the good information. Nice site. Appreciate attention to safety information. 


KEN GARRIS HOLIDAY, FL USA 05/02/03 08:32:29 EDT N/A


Camping Supplies Redmond, WA USA 04/16/03 02:39:16 EDT  
Just surfing through and found your site. Liked it and thought I'd drop a note. I'll be back! - Sam w/ Camping Supplies


Andrew Crawford tampa, fl USA 04/07/03 23:29:11 EDT drewzpkg
You guys rock! Thanx a bunch for giving us pictures and maps.


Mark Rasmussen Durham, NC USA 04/04/03 13:54:39 EST  
Like you page, lots of good info- - drummn' sounds good too!


Jeff Seba Manhattan, KS USA 04/01/03 12:32:55 EST  
Your website was very informative and interesting. I am an advanced open water diver in pursuit of my masters. Someday I would like to take a cavern course to become a better diver. Dive safely.


your sis Tampa, Fl USA 03/25/03 23:19:02 EST  
Just nosin' around, never knew you had all this stuff out there. Very Cool Love ya!!


private krankenversicherung USA 03/24/03 07:17:41 EST  
Excellent Site. My compliments. keep up that good work. From -Germany Walter


private krankenversicherung USA 03/24/03 07:17:22 EST  
Hello, just found your site in a searchengine, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany


KENSCHOEN JR ELLIJAY, GA USA 03/18/03 13:25:37 EST  


Jim Garey Tampa, FL USA 03/16/03 21:48:27 EST  
Dove the Howard Park Sink on Saturday 15 March 03. We went at high tide. Vis was poor and it didn't look much like the map. I wonder if we were in the same tunnel. One tunnel started at the bottom of the sink (62 feet) and sloped down to the northwest and petered out at a depth of around 80 feet. Another tunnel began on the east side of the sink at a depth of around 40 feet and sloped downward for a while. I think we'll try it at low tide another time and see if the flow and vis is any better. We did not find a line in either tunnel. The down line that marked the sink is in place but there is so much encrusting growth on it that the buoy and line have sunk and are at the bottom of the sink. 


Mark Steingart Brooksville, FL USA 03/10/03 15:36:13 EST  
Hi Mike,
Ben a while since I talked with you. Contact me! I've got some new additions for your page.


RICK SMITH plantation, fl USA 02/19/03 07:04:53 EST  


Greg New Port Richey, FL USA 02/09/03 21:48:50 EST Florida Springs Database
Great site Mike. Keep up the good work. You have some very enlightening content. There are so many springs and sinks around us and no one seems to know about them. You definitely have information that can't be found anywhere else. I'm on my way to check some of these places out. Thanks much.


Mike Emanuel USA 02/08/03 23:00:30 EST  
Hey, no entries in a while...is this thing working????


Wayne A. Powell Weeki Wachee, FL United States 01/01/03 19:38:41 EST N/A
Very interesting. I had no information or new nothing about cave diving. Living near and actually seeing 3 or four of the entrance ponds featured in your site I became quite interested. Thank you very much for the education. 


Wayne A. Powell Greentown, IN United States 12/30/02 11:35:16 EST  
I'm not a diver, but find the site both interesting and informative. Thanks.


Ronnie Bell Arlington, VA USA 12/29/02 00:29:23 EST  
Dove the "Jewel" a while back. Very nasty very narcotic on air! LOL. Just remember 2 in 2 out!


Sharon Cape Canaveral, FL USA 12/16/02 15:06:32 EST  
Great site with loads of pics and info. Am not a caver but use this site for info for my OW Students so they know Caving requires detailed training. Thanks for a neat site.


craig simon spring hill, fl USA 12/06/02 20:03:11 EST  
thanks for the great page. you've done alot of ground work for me. enjoy safely


james gallagher bradenton , fla USA 12/05/02 21:19:53 EST  
hi i am a cave diver,i dive caves in north fl.little river,
peacock,telford & cow spring.i dident know there was any
caves in the tampa aera.just looking around the web.
dive safe,


chris obrien vt USA 11/17/02 22:54:09 EST  
great site iwould like to learn more about cave diving could you help


Eric Nolin Abita Springs, La USA 11/16/02 19:52:31 EST  
Mike, The Turbodog is awsome but I much prefer the Amber!


dave meeh... Oshawa, ont Canada 11/09/02 22:17:23 EST  
your time and information presented in websit much appreciated. Spend much time in north fla., looking to try some of the sinks in Tampa area.


Deluxe Washington, US USA 11/08/02 12:45:54 EST  
Amazing website!


Deluxe Washington, US USA 11/08/02 12:09:36 EST  
Amazing website!


Deluxe Washington, US USA 11/08/02 12:01:04 EST  
Amazing website!


Casey C. Driggers Lakeland, FLLot USA 11/06/02 12:59:57 EST  
Lots of great info.....HI, Robert Brooks give me a call


jason paquette sarasota, FL USA 10/25/02 02:02:38 EDT  


Bill USA 10/13/02 20:13:47 EDT  
just visited Howard Park, beautiful place


Dennis DeRouin Gulfport, FL USA 10/08/02 19:17:13 EDT  
Open the E-mail I sent you.


Rick and Leslie Robinson Plant City, Florida USA 10/04/02 12:23:47 EDT  
We are coming up on our 100th cave dives and are also really interested in dry caving. Great web site!!!! It will be on our favorite list!!


Mike Emanuel USA 10/04/02 01:07:03 EDT  
Abita Springs...whoa, please tell me you enjoy an ice cold Turbodog !!


Eric Nolin Abita Springs, LA USA 10/03/02 22:00:14 EDT  
Nice job on the rework of the site. I have been in alot of these holes and I have had a blast in all of them. Found most of them from your descriptions an directions. The only regrets of moving from Tampa are the great cavedivers and the local dive sites. Great job Mike!


Steve Ridgway USA 10/03/02 08:56:39 EDT  

Enjoyed your site. No, I'm not even slightly tempted to visit these places - but fascinating reading.


Kim Fuller clearwater, fl USA 10/01/02 14:37:10 EDT  
I'm Project Manager for the development of Wall Springs Park. I happened upon your website looking for pics of the spring. I heard someone had dived the cavern of the spring. You are crazy! I would love any information on the spring that you might have. 
E-mail if you've got anything unusual that I may not have.

Thanks - Great site...


Mike Emanuel  Holiday , FL USA 09/23/02 00:54:46 EDT Mike Emanuels Cave Diving Page
Welcome to the updated dive pages and new guestbook format. I haven't been able to get in much diving lately
so please leave a note and let everyone know "what's happening" at the local dive sites.




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