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Twin D's

Photo of Twin D's

Twin D's spring facing Northeast

LOCATION: (lat. 28°30'49.0" N., long. 82°34'51.1" W.)

Twin D's is located Southwest of the Weeki Wachee head spring on private property owned by the Weeki Wachee attraction.


This site has also been known as "Twin Spring" and "Twin Dees". A tight solution tube just big enough for a man and his doubles drops 40' straight down to the main passage. From there you can snake your way down to several large chambers and hit depths of over 300+. Like nearby Weeki Wachee spring, the flow is usually strong enough to keep the vis crystal clear, though it has been known to reverse in times of flooding. For years this awesome dive was only known to a few souls who were brave enough to sneak back through the woods carrying hundreds of pounds of gear, but in the past few years access has been granted to a group of divers who performed scientific and mapping tasks in exchange for diving privleges. Exploration continues and it is possible for divers with the proper level of training to get invited as "support divers".

Map Of Twin D's

Story of the late 90's Twin D's Exploration Project