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School Sink (aka Waynes World)

Photo of School Sink (Waynes World)

School Sink facing South

LOCATION: (lat. 28°22'06.7" N., long. 82°41'39.8" W.)

School Sink is located in Pasco County, FL, West of US19, in a wooded area South of Stephens Ave. in Hudson


This site was known as School Sink up until the late 1990's whan a group of divers removed many years worth of debris from the sink and began serious exploration of the cave system. They gave it the nickname of Waynes World. The characteristics of this cave system are identical to Beacon Woods, the limerock is like swiss cheese with passages everywhere, in fact a connection was made to the Beacon Woods system in 2002. Like the Beacon sinks, surface water is always tannic, but visibility in the system usually fluctuates between 10 and 40ft. Some sections of the cave contain pockets of gin clear water, while others have swirling haloclines caused by salt water intrusion. The limerock is fairly soft so be wary of loose rock overhead, I've been knocked sideways by a falling chunk and in one section near the entrance, you can see where a giant boulder has pinned the line to the floor. The ease of access, moderate depths and variations in cave passage make this one of the best Sunday afternoon dives around.

The School Sink property is jointly owned by the NSS-CDS and Pasco County School Board. Access to the site is controlled and diving is currently done on a guided basis. Visit the official School Sink Webpage to choose a guide and schedule a dive.

Early stick map of School Sink

Detailed map of School Sink

Detailed map with annotation

School/Beacon Woods system overlayed on aerial map

Poster created by the Coastal Karst Foundation