Mike Emanuel's Cave Diving Page

Beacon Woods - Nexxus

Photo of Nexxus Sink

Nexxus Sink facing North.
The light color at the upper, middle of the photo is not a reflection, it's the white limerock sloping down the entrance.

LOCATION: (lat. 28°20'13.7" N., long. 82°41'00.2" W.)

The sink is located on private property, behind a small retail complex off Clocktower Parkway in the Beacon Woods subdivision, Hudson, FL.


Nexxus is one of many entrances to an extensive cave system that is situated primarily under the Beacon Woods subdivision. The sink has been fenced and you need to get permission from the Beacon Woods Civic Assciation before diving there. The sides are very steep and unless you crawl real good, you'll need a rope to get in or out. The basin is approximatly 6' deep with a solution tube in the North end leading down to a large "intersection" room, the vis in the top half of this room is usually 30-50', the bottom half, where the Nexxus line T's into the main line, has 10' vis on a good day.

Map of the traverse from Round to Nexxus.