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Training Organizations


The National Association Of Cave Divers


The National Speleogical Society Cave Diving Section


International Association 
of Nitrox and Technical Divers 

Technical Diving International


Global Underwater Explorers


Dive Shops & Gear Manufacturers
Dive Rite - The oldest supplier of technical gear for divers
Dive Rite Express- Your one stop shop for all Dive Rite gear
Halcyon -The big Halcyon "H" shows the world that you are a really serious diver who spares no expense to project the proper DIR status.
Extreme-Exposure -Your one stop shop for all Halcyon gear.
Light Monkey -Former Salvo guys high tech equipment
Scubapro -My regulator of choice
Scuba West Hudson,FL - The local dive shop
Lloyd Bailey's Scuba, Gainesville,FL - It's not local, but Lloyd's always got a deal on something
The Dive Outpost, Live Oak, FL - One of the busiest shops in North Florida
Cave Excursions. Luraville, FL - Bill Rennakers shop
Birds Underwater, Crystal River, FL - Certification, dive trips, etc.
Gamble Scuba - Steve is renowned for his expertise in drysuit repairs and Marianne always has some pretty cool craftwork/jewlery

Popular Diving Locations on the Web
Blue Grotto, Florida - Everybody's been here at least once, it's that blue water
Bonne Terre Mines, MO - Looks pretty cool!
Hart Springs, Florida - I remember swimming there as a kid, wishing I could get down in the spring.
Devil's Den Sinkhole, FL - Beautiful property, not much to dive
Ginnie Springs, Camping and Dive Resort - One of my favorites
Manatee Springs State Park,FL - Lots of cave, lots of flow
Paradise Springs - Great cavern dive 
Chasshowitzka WMA - Buford Spring and Eagles Nest
Peacock Springs State Park - The one and only

Assorted Links
cavediving.com - Harry Averill's Page, The Name Say's It All
DAN - Ya gotta love and support them, just in case
Eagles Nest Technical Divers - See what Larry Green has been up to.
Karst Underwater Research - Andy, Brett and Matt doing major exploration projects.
Woodville Karst Plains Project - Interesting history, even if you hate them
Florida Caves.com - Michael Blitchs list of Florida cave diving sites
Cave Atlas - Walter Pickels dive site info

International Links
Dive with Connie - If your going to Mexico, let someone else do the work so you can relax & dive
Villas DeRosa/Aquatech - This is the place to stay when diving the Yucatan
The Cave Diving Group - Part of a huge site of cave's and caving in the UK
Cave Divers Association of Australia


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