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Lemon Sink

Lemon Sink

Lemon Sink facing East

LOCATION: (lat. 28°08'42.90" N., long. 82°44'56.7" W.)

Lemon Sink is located in Tarpon Springs, FL just west of the intersection of Lemon St and Disston Ave. .


This uninviting body of water has been hidden behind an overgrown chainlink fence for years and is covered in duckweed almost year round. Probably for the better, since it would be really horrifying if we could actually see the amount of trash and debris that has been tossed in. The city of Tarpon Springs knows of it's magical abilities and has numerous stormwater runoff paths to it.

I hope to plumb this site someday and determine it's current depth..I'm not sure I want to dive it until I own a hazmat suit and full face mask. If you have any information on this site, please share it.....thanks

Aerial shot of Lemon Sink