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Lake Kimberly

Lake Kimberly

Lake Kimberly facing East

LOCATION: (lat. 28°17'69.5" N., long. 82°42'10.6" W.)

Lake Kimberly is located in Pasco County, FL, 1/2 mi east of US 19 on the North side of Stone Rd. in Port Richey.


Lake Kimberly was just an unnamed sink on the side of Stone Road until the "Lake Kimberly Village" apartment complex went up on the Eastern edge. Since "Sliding sink estates" probably wouldn't have sold so well they needed a more peaceful sounding name. This is a one of the larger sinks in the area. The water is sometimes tannic from runoff, but one can usually see the bottom quite a ways out. This sink has been used priomarily as a partying spot and swimming hole. There's a nice rope swing and the requisite shopping carts and newspaper racks littering the shoreline. The apartment complex will be expanding to the North & Western shores in the near future. I have not explored this site yet.