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Joes Sink

Photo of Joes Sink

Joes Sink facing West

LOCATION: (lat. 28°31'54.5" N., long. 82°32'34.3" W.)

Joes Sink is located in Hernando County, FL, it's visible from the North side of Hwy 50, about a mile East of the Weeki Wachee intersection of US19 and Hwy 50. Look for the power lines.


This site is also known as "Joe and Marys Sink". There are actually two sinks side by side, but contrary to popular belief, they are not connected. Vis fluctuates depending on weather conditions and time of year, but it's usually about 20ft. Max depth is around 60ft. The sink on the Western side is unremarkable, just a silty hole. The Eastern most sink has several diver sized solution tubes at the bottom that go straight down and open into a small silty room. At 68 degrees, the sinks water's are the coldest in Florida according to Ned DeLoach's "Guide To Underwater Florida" . To tell the truth, I think it might be the second coldest ...my ass got chilled once by some 58 degree water on a vehicle recovery in a small sink off Centralia a few miles North of Joes.