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Jewfish Spring

Picture of a Jewfish

Goliath Grouper (f.k.a. Jewfish)

LOCATION: (N28° 25'42.73 W82° 42'29.72)

Approximately. ½ mi. off the coast of Fillman's Bayou in Aripeka


I'm sure that politically corect weenies will now want to call this "Goliath Grouper" Spring! I have not dove this site personally and I 'm not even sure if this a true spring anymore. I've been told that it has the traditional hourglass shape of a sinkhole with a max depth right around 200'. Lots of tasty hydrogen sulfide awaits you also.
The Jewish Hole is a submarine spring located in the Gulf of Mexico about 1 mi W. of Hammock point, 3 mi WSW. of Aripeka, and about 600 ft S. of the "Aripeka Channel," Pasco County. Wetterhall (1965 p. 29) wrote that the rim of the spring is approximately circular in shape and about 40 ft in diameter at about 4 ft below mean tide. The bottom slopes toward the spring opening to a depth of about 10 ft below approximate mean tide. The spring hole is an irregular, vertical pipe about 15 ft in diameter and 148 ft deep below the general bottom, which is about 4 ft below approximate mean tide. A vigorous boil at low tide becomes a "slick" at high tide. The flow has not been measured. During the drought of 1961-62, the boil and slick ceased. The chloride concentration, based on a specific conductance of 12,000 mhos/cm, was 3,800 mg/L and the temperature was 14.5C. (58F.) on December 5, 1960.

Aerial Image (2009)