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Jenkins Creek

Jenkins Creek Headspring at low tide, facing East

Head spring of Jenkins Creek at low tide, facing East

LOCATION: (lat. 28°31'20.0" N., long. 82°37'00.0" W.)

Jenkins Creek main spring is located in the woods 1/8 mi east of Jenkins Creek park on Shoal Line Blvd in Hernando County.


You can follow the creek around to what appears to be a manmade ditch connecting it to the basin or take the shortcut through the woods. Watch out for sunning gators if you choose the creek route! The spring (one of many in the area) is located at the far eastern side of the basin at a depth of 15ft, it has a fairly good flow and the water is gin clear. A no-mount 80 would probably be the best way to have a look inside, it's not really much of a dive. In fact, diving has not been permitted since an open-water diver drowned there a few years ago. You probably heard the story, he had only been certified for a few days, gave up and scratched " I love you mom" on his 80.

Aerial View Of Jenkins Creek Headspring