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Fred Howard Park

Aerial Photo of Howard Park Sink

Aerial view of Fred Howard Park facing North

LOCATION: (lat. 28°09'21.2" N., long. 82°48'02.1" W.)

Approx. 200 yards North of the Fred Howard Park Causeway, Tarpon Springs


Fred Howard Park is the easiest access point for diving this submerged sink and cave system. Boat access is also possible at high tide. The sink is located offshore some 200 yards north of the second bridge of the causeway that heads to the beach. The site is sometimes marked by a piece of white PVC pipe with a line anchored in the wall of the sink. The area around the hole is only 3 to 4ft deep at high tide, so dives should be planned to avoid an aggravating low tide swim through the grass and muck! Also, be sure to bring a dive flag so the assholes on wave runners don't use you & your doubles as a launch ramp.

Click Here For A Map Of Howard Park Sink

Aerial image of the sink (2009)

Higher aerial image of the sink