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Harvey Spring

Picture of Harvey Springs Run

LOCATION: (lat. 28°12'42.4" N., long. 82°42'19.9" W.)

Harvey Spring is located in Pasco County, FL, 1/2 mi South of the intersection of SR 54 & Thys Rd., adjacent to the Anclote River.


The spring is situated in the side of a large sandy bluff that rises 12-15ft above the waters surface. Over the years the spring has been reduced to a large circular area of sand boils due to the amount of junk clogging it and the sandy bluff that is continuously eroding and collapsing. The springs run empties into the nearby Anclote River and is tidally influenced. The volume of water has fluctuated over the years, but there is still a significant amount of water pushing it's way around all of the crap to cause vigorus boils in several areas of the sandy bottom. The spring has been used a local swimming hole for decades. I remember fishing and swimming here back in the late 60's/early 70's when the spring had more definition. It was actually more of a blueish clay lined solution tube, just big enough to get your body in. You could jump off the sides into it and get pushed back up by the flow. The size of the springs run to the Anclote River is testament to the flow that once emerged here. I'd say that there is a strong possibility of navagable cave passage, if you could dig your way through to it and ensure that the sides didn't collapse back in.