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Green Dolphin Sink

Picture of Green Dolphin Sink

LOCATION: (lat. 28°08'09.7" N., long. 82°45'36.5" W.)

Green Dolphin Sink is the centerpeice of the Green Dolphin Villas in Tarpon Springs. From Alt 19, turn west onto Meres Blvd, then south on Green Dolphin St., you can't miss it.


The sink was a very popular swimming and partying spot for decades before the Green Dolphin apartment complex was built around it. I hiked back to the sink several times during my youth, but I can't recall that it had a name so I'll stick with "Green Dolphin Sink" unless someone can provide the original. Judging from the caliber of people utilizing the sink in those days, I'm sure numerous cars and other "artifacts" were sacrificed to it's depths. I have been told that the sink is only 40 to 50' deep and has a restricted passge leading to a cave system. It has been speculated that the sink may be a part of the Lake Tarpon Sink to Spring Bayou cave system, but the reported depth isn't very consistant with those sites. I doubt if anyone thought to check Green Dolphin when all the dye tracing was being done in the 60's prior to the Army Corps of Engineers blocking the system at the Lake Tarpon end. The surface of the sink is always a dark tannic brown and there is a now fountain in the middle for the residents to admire.
If anyone out there has dove this spot or has any recollection of it's history, please drop me a line.