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Eleanor Sink

Eleanor Sink as viewed from the patio of Eleanors house

LOCATION: (lat. 28°22'16.7" N., long. 82°38'20.1" W.)

Eleanor Sink is located beside a private residence at 14708 Mayer Ave. in Hudson, FL.


When Eleanor Moore purchased this property back in 1985, the banks of the "pond" were heavily overgrown and the pool of water was barely visible from the road. After clearing the land and realizing it's potential, she created terraces and shored up the sides of the sink by stacking hundreds of bags of cement to form retaining walls. Some of the walls are lined with natural limerock while other parts are stuccoed. She then built a beautiful house with a huge great room that opens to a terrace overlooking the sink. I love this place!

The water level in the sink fluctuates as much 10' between the rainy season and the seasonal drought. Vis is usually quite clear and has a bluegreen tint in the winter months like many other sinks located north of this property. Limerock outcroppings and submerged logs are evident around most of the sink and can easily be seen jutting out 10 ft below the waters surface. Max depth in the center of the sink was around 27ft in May, with a slope Eastward down into a small cavern that bottomed out at 40ft The limerock in the cavern is extremly soft and no cave passage was noted.

View from the gate leading to the sink.

View of the sink looking north.

View of the sink looking southeast.

Aerial shot of Eleanor with smaller sink to the North.