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Crystal Beach Spring

Aerial Photo of Crystal Beach Spring

Aerial View of Crystal Beach Spring facing NorthEast

LOCATION: (lat. 28°05'00.0" N., long. 82°47'07.0" W.)

Crystal Beach Spring is located 100 yds offshore from some exclusive homes on the south end of Crystal Beach, it's location is marked by a vigorous boil on the surface. Small boats can be launched just to the North at Crystal Beach.


This is a beautiful spring that has a consistantly strong flow. The entrance was cleared out in recent years to allow divers to enter the cave system. This is an extremely advanced dive site due to the fact that one must negotiate a blinding halocline and 2 major restrictions while pushing ones doubles and travel bottles to gain entrance to the cave system. I strongly advise finding a guide who knows the tricks of entering this system rather than burning up a tank of air (or your life) trying to figure out how.

Article from the local paper describing the exploration project

Aerial shot showing relationship between Crystal Beach and Blue Sink