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Cobbs Sink

LOCATION: (lat. 28°10'52.9" N., long. 82°46'16.5" W.)

Cobbs Sink is located in Pasco County, FL on the SW corner of a 59 acre tract of land bordered by the Key Visa (N.), Holiday Lake Estates(S.) and Aloha Gardens(E.) subdivisions. The private property is owned by Citicasters and used to house their 1400 ft tall broadcast tower, it can't be missed, but may be confused with a second, similar tower located in the nearby subdivision.


I have not had the chance to dive this sink yet, but I did visit the site and can verify that "it's not very inviting". If you weren't looking for it you would probably walk right past, since the huge tussock (floating island) pretty much covers the sink and gives it the appearance of a depressed clearing with surrounding oak trees. The Southwestern rim of the tussock gives way to duckweed so one can gain access to "water". The sink is surrounded by sandy high ground, but there are marshy areas (which creates an excellent ground for the broadcast tower) nearby. It is reported to be influenced by the tides.
Brett Hemphill called me just after his dive there and provided a description of the initial exploration. A friend and fellow diver, Michael Barnette (Association of Underwater Explorers) had managed to gain access to the property and knew that Brett would have the bizalls to enter the murky water. He was able dive it down to a depth of around 110 ft., but didn't have time to explore every nook and cranny. Like most old sinks in the area, this one is choked with organics, creating a sulfide layer and the water is very tannic. While he uncovered no "going cave" passage on his brief dive, Brett has high hopes that the sink is hydraulically connected to a small spring located nearby in the floor of the Anclote river (in front of Port Tarpon Marina). Local rumors have it that the silty sink bottom may hide numerous skeletons of unfortunate souls who crossed a heavy-handed sheriff in the early 1900s.

A better look at the entrance

AUE Explorers entering the sink

Aerial shot of Cobbs Sink