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Chicken Farm Sink

Chicken Farm Sink facing North

Chicken Farm Sink facing North

LOCATION: (lat. 28°04'35.55" N., long. 82°20'04.02" W.)

Chicken Farm Sink is located on private property off Morris Bridge Rd, a gate (usually locked) at the end of Idlewood Rd. leads to a dirt road, bear right as the road forks and you will pass the sink on your right. Do not take the first left or you will wind up at the house of the Tampa Police Officer who get's to live on the property in exchange for keeping divers off of it. It is also possible to hike/bike in from the Morris Bridge Road Bike Trail, parking is on the South side of Morris Bridge Rd., just East of the Tampa Bay Bypass Canal


The sinkhole is approx 150' across and has a traditional hourglass shape, the water is very tannic and vis is usually poor. Max depth is around 140'.