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Bretts Toilet Bowl

Picture of Bretts Toilet Bowl facing North

Bretts Toilet Bowl facing North

LOCATION: (lat. 28°17'00.0" N., long. 82°43'00.0" W.)

The hole is located in the woods, Southwest of Gulfview Square Mall, follow the dirt road from Salt Spring 1/4 mi South until you cross a culvert over a creek flowing West into a bayou. Follow the creek or take the path 200ft to the East, The Bowl is approx. 100ft south of the creek at the base of a large palm tree.


Brett's Toilet Bowl is lovingly named after local cave diver Brett Hemphill who dared to jump in and report what lurked below. The hole is an uninviting, spiderweb covered limerock overhang with a 4ft drop to the surface. The water is tannic and is always moving. (It's not exactly swirling, but toilet bowl still fits). Runoff from a marsh to the South appears to form small creek which completely disappears underground. I assume that this is the source of the moving water in the Bowl. I also speculate that the bowl is hydraulicly connected to a larger creek nearby that flows out through a bayou and into the Gulf. So far depth is reported at around 40ft with low vis and no going passage.

This site is now a part of the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park.

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