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Bobhill Spring

Picture Bobhill Spring

Bobhill Spring pool facing Northeast

LOCATION: (lat. 28°26'05.2" N., long. 82°38'28.3" W.)

Bobhill Spring is located in Hernando County, FL, 100yds Northwest of the intersection of US 19 and County Line Road in a travel trailer park.


Bobhill Spring is on private property and you must be a guest of the trailer park to swim there, no diving is allowed. The spring is used to feed a large circular pool which spills off to a swampy area to the North. There has always been a strong flow and the water is crystal clear, this is a great swimmin' hole. The spring itself is a just small solution tube (like Twin D's) at the bottom of the South end of the pool in 15ft of water. There is a metal grate locking would be divers from seeing what lies below. I did a reconissance dive with mask and snorkel many years ago and deemed the tube impassable. Since that time I have done many no-mount dives and have begun to reconsider the possibilities of Bobhill.

Aerial View Of Bobhill Spring