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Blue Sink

LOCATION: (lat. 28°05'20.6" N., long. 82°46'05.5" W.)

Blue Sink is located in Palm Harbor, FL., East of Alt.19 off Rolling Oaks Drive in the Hidden Lakes subdivision.


I used to swim in the sink back in the 70's but now that I have the means to dive it's depths, the property is one the most heavily guarded sites listed on my page. For decades it was a popular swimming hole and partying spot on the edge of an orange grove. There was rope swing and tall trees to dive from. In the early 80's, the Rolling Oaks subdivision went up, the property was purchased, fenced and a home with extensive landscaping was put up. Its a beautiful residence with a walkway down to the cobalt blue sink where giant sized Koi are the only things enjoying the water these days.

As with most popular sinks, there is plenty of folklore about divers who have succumbed to narcosis and drowned in the depths of the azure waters. Personally, I don't doubt that at least one or two people have died there, it is a 190' drop to the bottom and like most sinks in the area, theres a thick layer of hydrogen sulfide at around 80-100'. I think the lore of 18-20 drowned divers is a little rich, that would rate some kind of world record for a single spot.

2013 Picture of Blue Sink

Aerial shot showing relationship between Crystal Beach and Blue Sink

Blue Sink was supposed to be a park, but...